Screen Play - Bring it to Hamilton

Honestly... Jesse used to bust these for big yardage and now we dont see them at all?

Am I the only one thinking this?

If you were a screen pass would you want to come here, knowing the fans would be trying to run you out of town the first time you screwed up?

you;re not alone Crash

Oh.... screen play, not screenplay. I thought that you wanted to shoot a movie about the 'Cats.

I was trying to figure out whether it was going to be a tragedy or a black comedy.

Believe it or not, I actually had a dream about this last night. I think my mind was trying to process my disappointment from Labour Day.In my dream Printers was using misdirection, flickers, and screen plays to bring the 'Cats in for the winning touchdown. We won.

Clearly, it was only a dream.

Dream??? Sounds like a fantasy.

Screen play? What is this ‘screen play’ of which you speak? In Bellefeuille’s world, you drop back five steps in the pocket regardless of the situation, waiting for a hot route that never materializes because the receivers, even after nine games, still don’t feel compelled to break off their routes and come back upfield to help their QB out. When pressure comes, you throw it away, throw a pick, or get sacked. What a lot of wonderful options! Who needs a ‘screen play’ anyway?

Checkmate my "CFL Coaches Challenge" opponent.

It is so obvious that the screen pass is lacking. We did not need to lose some of those games with the right play calling. Montreal fans warned us about Bellefeuille. I have to blame him for not using it. But you know sometimes when Printers is in trouble from the rush while in the pocket he continues to look downfield and either throws a duck, pulls it down and gets tackled while running for his life, or gets sacked when all he needs to do is dump it off to either one of the best RB combo in the CFL and let them do some damage to the opposing D along with positive yardage. But he doesn't. I just don't get it.

Screen play, what's that? Oh yea, that play where they throw a short one to a back, or tight end after a fake run. I remember that play once a long time ago in TiCat land, at least I think. :wink:

Ok all I have a question that I can't even begin to answer.

We are complaining about the play selection with Bellefeuille.

We complained about the play selection when it was Baressi

We complained about the play selection of Ron Junior

Who the heck was the last Offensive Co-ordinator we happy with ????


I'd settle for an average defense.

With an average defence we'd have more wins considering how much the offence has improved.

The only team screen passes work against is us, our defensive ends are complete e-tards when it comes to defending screens

Yep, Joseph could have had 600 yards, there was a couple of times he didn't see receivers wideopen in behind busted coverages and he also had a lot of bad throws yet still had 400 yards.

It seems like the only time we stop anyone is when the receiver drops a pass or because of bad throws.

Yeah, and how many times did we have them pinned with bad field position only to see them march down the field with ease, time after time?

That is the most frustrating thing for me to watch.

How about a draw play as well.Also on every play that Lumsden doesn't stay in the backfield on pass plays he is open 100% of the time in the middle 5 to 7 yds down field.He is so ignored, the opposition doesn't even bother to assign a defender.

And how many times did a tired defense force a punt, only to see their offense go 2 and out on the next series? In the third and fourth quarters, pretty often.

How about a offensive and defensive Line ?

This is our Tigercats.. we're not allowed to have an offense AND defense clicking at the same time.

hahahahaha...wasn't that the "dreaded" screen they kept using with Maas???...Honestly though, what is the reason? i would assume the coach's know more than
I do....there's got to be a reason.