ok now listen is it just me.... or was almost every other play a screen pass... short pass or just bad run up the gut....

im tellin you, Mass either doesnt know how to connect deep... wiche he showed lots of over throws when he tried.. or pappao is calling BAD offence... any thoughts on this.. im tellin you i seen more screen plays today then ive ever seen in awhile.. when we had Danny here he threw the deep balls to the wide outs alot wich was good flcik was amazing.. today flick caught maby like 3 4 passes.. the rest of the recievers that were used were slots for short or no gains... BRUTAL, WAKE UP TICATS! i dont know ehere the problem starts but im not down to pay to see us get beat like this,

Those infamous hitches called by Paopao were more useless.

im gunna say mid season either the offence needs a new look.. or its Maas's fault hes fails and Eakin takes over mid season.. those r my predictions.. prove me wrong..plz

Maas can't just throw hitches and shovel passes to let the play in the hands of his running backs. He's the quarterback and it is his job to get the chains moving. I really didn't think he was impressive last night. But was it his fault or Paopao, that I don't know.