screen pass

this should be bishops first play from scrimmage half roll out and dump pass to cates on the weak side set the tone for the game with a big gainer right from the get go.....screen pass to cates used to be our bread and butter but we got away from it cause of crandells lack of run threat.....thoughts

Its nice to have a running threat at QB again. QB draw at the end of the game for a TD and the Riders win!!!

It's better than running the ball up the gut. Ok then what after the sceern pass a bomb to Dressler for the touchdown. Yah Way to go Riders. Up by 7. Ok time quite daydreaming.

not exactley that is 2 pretty good plays to start out the game...we have to turn things around and quick cmon bishop be as good as everyone hopes

Well do that but have Cates toss it back to Bishop who then throws in 80+ yards to dressler for a TD.....the guys got a cannon for and arm, i heard that he jsut gonna aim for Bowmans face mask that way when it goes through his hand it'll just get cought in their

That is f-ing funny!!

What is kind of Funny is how with all this QB controversy stuff going on this week there has been no word if AD is going to start after showing his hands are 2 concrete blocks.

Bowman is getting 1st team reps....on the 25th he dropped a beauty of a ball from Bishop in the end zone.....concrete blocks, no kidding.....between LaPolice giving Bowman pointers on catching and then working with the jug machine ,it'd be nice too upgrade Bowman from Blocks to freshly poured

I read years ago that Paopao actually did that to a receiver when he first came into the league. NFL said his arm wasn't strong enough for them so he came to Canada. His first training camp in BC a rookie receiver ran a wide-side out and Paopao's pass was so hard that it went right through the receiver's hands and stuck in his face mask. :lol:

Meh, if that was true, then Paopao was standing on the far-side numbers when he threw it. Back in the day, he was rarely confused with Dieter Brock.

Way to make sure the Bombers won't be looking for that play now!! Spies everywhere so shhhhhh:)

But now they are thinking that we are thinking that they are thinking we won't go for that, so now we can go for that again. See? Gots ta get that mental game going! :lol: