Screen Pass

Next week I would like to see the screen to both Lumsden and T Smith. We need to keep their defense honest to have a chance. Can't understand why we haven't seen much of it over the first 3 games as it was one of Lumsden's most dominant plays last year??

Maybe the teams are defending it.

let the line in and dump it over , it is a planned play

Totally agree. Wasn't there on screen to Lumsden on Saturday that went about 15 yards? Add in Tre Smith and it would be a good threat. Also would like to see the two of them on the field and Lumsden decoyed as a Slotback.

I agree. It keeps the defense honest and slows down the pressure.

IMO the reason we haven't seen the screen pass more often is 1. Printers and throw the ball further then 10 yards and 2. Printers likes to attack down field with his WR. There was one play where he looked right at Jesse swinging out of the backfield then threw a strike to Miles for 12 yards.

calgary has an aggressive defence and like to blitz.
you may see a couple screens set up and you may see both tre and jesse lined up on the field at the same time to try and throw off the stamps.

I totally agree with the screen pass. I was calling for one all game against the Riders. An Offense should have an array of plays including screens and draws in the mix to through off heavy oriented pass rush teams