Screen Pass - Dump Pass - Trap run play - Hot read

With such a fierce pass rush from BC last night - WHY HAS TEAM FAILED TO UTILIZE THESE OPTIONS? Is there anyone in that organization that undertands ?????

8) Obviously NOT !!!!

One-word answer: Bellefeuille.

It looked like they tried at least one dump pass to the RB last night but the BC rush got to Porter before Keith got past the line.

It's like talking to a wall to get this team to use the swing, screen, or dump passes. Like i have been saying for the last 6 weeks, we could have won some of those games if we used it in the 3rd and 4th quarters. But of course, Bellefeuille knows more than the fans... just look at the results. BTW, does anyone know the excuse Bellefeuille used to start Porter over Ritchie? I've gotten tired of trying to look for these answers.

Whether they are admitting it or not, they are in evaluation mode for next year. They have plenty of game film on Richie, but not on Porter.