*Scratches head*

I don't know what to make of this team. I really don't. We almost lose to Winnipeg, the new Tiger-Cats of the CFL. Then we get slaughtered by B.C. AT HOME! Then we march into Regina and beat the Riders.

What the hell?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :? :expressionless: :? :expressionless: :? :expressionless:

I'm with you on this team also Chief. When it was 22-0 I thought, oh man they are going to get hammered. They kept on the positive side of things and it showed outscoring the riders 38-11 from the 22-0 deficit. That run back by T. Jackson put inspiration and excitement into the Eskies on the bench/sidelines. I'm glad I hung in there and seen the drama and SMILE from Coach Hall.

I think we may need some time for this team to Gel , But the Riders are overrated anyways. That loss to BC has me scratching my head , they are even worse the the Riders.
The way the west standings are this week is my prediction how they will be at the end of the season. me thinks.

If the team just needed a few games to gel and get a hang of things, and they countinue the intensity of play they had in quarters 2-4 today, I see us fighting with Calgary for tops in the West. Of course, this opinion could quickly change if we get blown out by Montreal, or lose a few in a row again. Either way, I was very impressed today! :slight_smile:

And that's the thing: If we lose to Montreal next week (even if it's only be a TD), where does that put the Eskimos? :expressionless:

Same as where they are today. Middle of the pack.

Remember that had it not been that disastrous performance by Witlock in that first game, you would have probably scored 2 TD's in the 1st half, it would have been a very close game starting the 2nd half and the result could have been quite different. I am very confident my Als will pull this one off but I hope they don't take the Esks litely.

But that's as much the coaches fault. They left him in too long. Edmonton was just out-coached and out-played in that game.

According to the team's depth chart for tonight, they're putting Goss out on the corner again.............I still think that's a bad move and they should leave him where he belongs, as HB.

I'm back to scratching my head. While watching the game tonight, it looked like the Eskimos regressed a little. The offence looked a little stale to me. And special teams was terrible. I'm sure you could blame some of the sloppy returns on the rain, but how do you explain our terrible punting? Nick Setta pinned us a few times, and Prefontaine had a few really weak punts.

Please everyone don't get down on our Eskimos. I was at the game and recorded it to watch when I got home. The TV did not do justice to just how bad the rain was. It was fine in the first half but driving hard in the second. Although I was only 12 rows up from the field I had trouble seeing through it at times and could just imagine how hard catching and hanging on to the football was.

I believe the overthrows were Ricky trying to Over compensate for the wind and a wet ball. It was actually very nice to see with that wet pigskin we kept hold on it.

I was there, too. Like I said, I'm sure you could blame some of it on the rain. I imagine it'd be fairly difficult to catch a wet ball. However, you can't blame it all on the rain. After all, the Tiger-Cats had no problem marching down the field. They marched to the endzone twice in the second half when the rain was really coming down. Meanwhile, the Eskimos continued to sputter, and the one time we did march it down the field, the TD was negated because of a dumb holding penalty on Kabongo. Honestly, every single player and coach on the team should get to give him one shot in the arm. I bet you won't see him holding anymore.

I still don't know why the Esks didn't go for it on 3rd and short late in the 4th . Prefontain was having a horrible game even with a good punt Hamilton still gets good field position and probably in Field goal range, Can't give up the Safety to late in the game , so why not just go for it.they were only a half yard short . and as it turns out it cost them the game . did anyone in Hamilton hear me yelling at the TV , not sure why anyone else hasn't mentioned it.