Scratch Eric Wilbur... the list of potential replacements if Medlock doesn't return.

@EricWilbur So excited to be a part of the Edmonton Eskimos organization! I cant wait to get up there! #TSN #CFL #Esks

Too bad…after his training camp work last season, I was hoping he would be here this year, especially if Medlock is not back. I thought they were 1 and 1a in ability.

I really like Wilbur....To bad we couldn't keep him. He will help edmonton,but i hope not against us. :thdn:

That Tillman seems to always be on the right end of the stick.

Hi Catfish:

When Ray went to the Argos, there were a number of Edmonton fans that didn't seem to think that Tillman was "on the right side of that stick".

Let's hope we can keep Medlock, they were developing Wilbur as his replacement.

Who was developing Wilbur...

Wilbur has been traded to the Bombers. Too bad I hate the Bombers. :lol:

Huge mistake for signing Medlock over Wilbur. Wilbur kicked just as well as Medlock and is by far a much better athelete. Wilbur can tackle, while Medlock gets lost in traffic. Wilbur is more inclinced to want and be a long term investment while Medlock is a dreamer. I beleive this move will come back and haunt Obie for some time while Medlock has dreams of grandure playing in the NFL. If Medlock wanted to be part of this team he would have signed several weeks ago.

From my recollection, during spring training, Medlock had the edge over Wilbur in PK, while Wilbur had the edge in punt avg.
At the time, the differences were minimal which is why MB had such a difficult time making the impending cut as they wanted a dual position kicker.

Medlock certainly has tremendous leverage now that Wilbur is committed elsewhere.

Wanting too much for your services is not considered leverage. If Medlock was such a NFL prospect he would have been signed. The NFL has seen this movie before. Medlock can place kick but he can't punt consistently.

Nobody in the NFL uses a kicker who does both jobs, so it doesn't matter if he can't punt consistently.

yes WC, out pricing yourself will negate any deemed leverage, although now that Wilbur is committed elsewhere, leaves the Cats with fewer options if Medlock bolts to the NFL.

If Medlock wants to try his hand in the NFL, no CFL team can compete financially.

As far as relative negotiating leverage is concerned, I would think the player's is quite good: there aren't very many capable alternative kickers for Hamilton to sign, and he can always try his luck in the NFL. I suppose he could sign with a different CFL team too if anyone needs his services... he's a darn good kicker.

The team's leverage is based on waving a contract in front of him (and I hope it's a good one but it has to fit the cap) and telling him he might not make it in the NFL at all-- sort of the "bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" approach.

How any of that will play out is anyone's guess. I hope he decides to stay, but I can't blame him if he decides to pursue a potential job in his own country for more money.

As for Wilbur, I feel a little sorry for him. The statements from him when he signed with Edmonton were very positive and enthusiastic, saying how he was excited to join such a fine organization. Next thing you know.... zip, he's gone to Winnipeg... for future considerations no less. It's a nasty business sometimes. I hope it works out for him there.

Wilbur is no where near as accurate as Medlock.

He missed something like a 20 yarder in pre-season, and missed a really short one at the scrimmage. Medlock was money all through camp, pre-season and the regular season. Was Wilbur a slightly better punter? Absolutely. But Medlock is much better than Wilbur on field goals.

I'm pretty confident we can re-sign Medlock because I don't think he has very many alternative options, if any.

When I hear Nick Setta's name I automatically go into Nick Setta sayings. Nick Setta can kick the ball so hard he gives himself a leg injures in the process.

Definitely the left-foot kicking is working against him, as any team wanting to bring him in would need to pick a new holder, preferably one who has never done it before (like Boltus last year). We have the advantage here, as we have two players who have held for him before. (Wonder if that’s the real reason for signing Eiben - to keep him away from other teams, thus limiting Medlock’s options within the CFL.)

Fingers crossed.

I don't think we signed Eiben so he couldn't hold for anyone else :roll:

Sorry. Forgot to include the :wink: at the end of this statement.