Scrapping the Safeway Touchdown contest way overdue...

... or at least it's high time to revamp this horribly exclusionary, ill-conceived contest.

I'm talking about the 'Safeway Touchdown to Win' promotion which is incorrectly and embarrassingly labeled as a CFL contest. It is not. It is only for fans from Manitoba west (west of Thunder Bay if you want to get technical). Way to shut out the East! It has NOTHING to do with Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal and (eventually) Ottawa. And think of the impact if someone from Moncton had a chance to win what with the first Reg Season game going there this fall!

There was so much talk about doing things to drive interest and exposure in the Ontario markets in the past. Yet this promotion does nothing at all for the fans in the East - regardless of which team they back. As it has done for years now!! Season after season, week after week, game after game we see names of winners coming from BC, Alberta, Sask and Manitoba. And those in the East simply look on and say 'What the heck is that all about? We don't have Safeways! Why can't we play?'

What a ridiculously wasted opportunity. How can any Marketing person worth their salt say 'we need to promote our game in markets that are struggling (especially Toronto) by creating exposure, generating interest and offering an incentive' and then turn around and completely ignore that market with a contest such as this folly.

I want to know "why?" And I'd like to hear a really good (ie. not PR-speak ... I'll read right through that, it's what I do) reason for this. Because I can tell you that seeing that during a game only increases to tick me off every time I see it. Not because I can't even enter, but because of it's sheer and utter stupidity.

The only reason I can think of for why this sham still goes on is that some long term deal was signed but someone with no foresight. And likely with a clause that no Eastern partner (Longos? Fortinos? They don't have those out West) has been brought on board. Sigh... Narrow minded thinking at best.

ugh… it just gets better. This is from the Rules and Regulations page for the Contest:

3. No Purchase is required. Anyone fulfilling the conditions of article 7 can also enter by sending his or her name, address, telephone number and [b]Safeway Club Card number[/b], with a label (or hand drawn facsimile) of any Safeway $1,000,000 Touchdown to Win Participating Product to:

Safeway $1,000,000 Touchdown to Win Contest
P.O. Box 67050
Toronto, Ontario M4P 3C8

First, you must have a Club Card Number, but if you don’t have a Safeway to go to, how do you get that? Fail.
Second, you send it to where? Toronto. :roll: Fail.

CRY MOAR! Awwww, somebody in the east complains about the west getting something they don't have? This is new!
Also, why can't they ask people to get a card? It doesn't mean you have to shop there. Its hardly different than signing up for a contest.
Also, who says all adds have to be about Toronto? Who cares if they're struggling. If a company is willing to pay the $ to the CFL, they can cater only to people in Spuzzum for all I care. So, to respond to your question of why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO!
Besides, if anything, its Safeway who's coming out short on this deal. They're paying national tv rates but only advertising for half of the country. Also, the majority of all large company's head offices are in Toronto. Or would you prefer they move to Calgary or Vancouver?

If you really want something to complain about, think first ok? This is just stupid.

West > East.

You really want a crappy Bissell vaccuum that badly?

No i want a third rate cordless phone!

Wow... talk about not getting it.

  1. I'm CFL fan from Edmonton.
  2. This is about sound Marketing Strategy, not ... well, whatever you babbled about.
  3. there is no way to a) enter the contest without a card and b) no way to get a card unless you go to a store.
  4. Not all major companies have head offices in Toronto... have you ever been Vancouver? Calgary? Edmonton? I think you'd understand that some National companies are NOT in Ontario. (Look at Telus for one. Their HQ is in Alberta. Telus, coincidentally, will be coming out with the first CFL Mobile App...available nation-wide.)
  5. The CFL had to sign the deal and therefore had to adhere to the terms set out by Safeway in order to get the $$ because the league was not in a strong position. However, the original deal was done at least 10 years ago (if not more). Why the deal has not been altered since then to include the entire country - or at least the places where all of the CFL teams are - is a gross oversight (see point 2). Especially considering first the need to gain traction in weak markets and secondly to capitalize on the resurgence of the CFL in general (including potential expansion to Ottawa and the Maritimes).
  6. You aren't the person I wanted an answer from and you've proved why! :roll:

This isn't about some people not getting something that others do get.
It's about the CFL missing an opportunity for the overall well being of the league and not doing anything about it.
This is about leaving MORE sponsorship $$ on the table. IF a new deal was struck to include an East-based, non-competing chain then a) Safeways' costs would decrease by virtue of sharing the expense, b) the prize pot would likely grow making the contest more appealing (and thereby driving customers to stores) and c) exposure for the league would increase.

Your trying to tell me that's not good?
NOW who wasn't thinking?

:lol: rookies... gotta love 'em.
:lol: Now THOSE are good replies! :thup:

Just goes to show... it's not about the contest per se, it's about the deal and how it could be done better (and should've been done better all things considered).

This is not a CFL advertisement, its a Safeway Ad.. if there is no Safeway in the East oh well... Safeway is giving away the prizes, not the league. Yes it sucks that the East cant win the prizes, but thats the way the cookie crumbles. Its not different then watching ads on an American channel and not being able to enter the draws. I cant win because I am not eligible.

It's not about fairness or winning prizes. It's about marketing. Perhaps my perceptions on the matter are skewed, but none of the grocery stores I go to seem to be aware of the CFL. Come Grey Cup time, there are no "get your Grey Cup party supplies here" type campaigns. For the Super bowl on the other hand, there are promotions aplenty.

It's not about being fair to us easterners. It's about attracting new fans from around here and increasing the presence of the CFL. It's about a missed marketing opportunity because the company sponsoring the competition is only available out west. Around here, the CFL has almost no presence outside of the cities that have teams. Allowing another grocery store in the Eastern markets, since there is no Safeway here anymore, to ride along with the competition would be one way to increase that presence.


Point 2 - Who cares if they have a lousy marketing strategy? That's Safeway's problem, not the CFLs. Also on front page the Touchdown To Win is right in the center with the CFL, nice product placement.
Point 3 - So? There are many other contests like that out there. They do this to get you into the store. Are you going to complain that you can`t get into a Coors Light party because its not open to everybody (ie over legal age)?
Point 4 - Never said ALL, just most. I have no problem naming many, many companies based out of Toronto.
Point 5 - Because a contract is a contract. If Safeway would like to redo it, they would and I'm sure the CFL would be happy to renegotiate the rate. Do you know the details of the contract? Cost, terms, length etc...? I'd like to know what they are.

In the end, this really isn't a big deal. Yeah maybe Safeway isn't getting a good value for their advertising dollar, but so what? If the CFL is making good money off them, that's all I care about. Also if they are a long term supporter, even better.

You are right, it's not a CFL 'ad'. But it's certainly not "just" an ad.
It's a joint partnership agreement that involves the CFL as well as Safeway and TSN.

It likely works like this... Safeway buys it's ad time from TSN - not the CFL - which is national so their ads will be seen in markets they do not serve. But the contest involves the CFL and therefore had to have had CFL approval (if only to gain access to licensing) before the ads were even purchased. That approval would have netted the CFL some $$ from Safeway.

But my question remains... why hasn't the CFL either expanded this to include the East or courted a partner for a similar contest for the East. I don't buy that there isn't an interested, non-competing party. IF it is because Safeway is holding a 'right of first refusal' to keep anyone else from having a similar contest or from having an Eastern partner for the contest and they are exercising that right regardless of what the CFL wants, then that certainly paints a different picture, doesn't it.

It either means that Safeway is saying s**** you to the rest of Canada (as in this is our contest and tough noogies if you can't play 'cuz we don't care... terrible optics!), or that the CFL has not been able to renegotiate the contract when the time to do that came up, or that TSN is pulling the strings here knowing that their presence in Eastern Canada is strong and they want to bolster their image in the West.

There is no easy answer. I know I don't have it. But I'd really like to know what is going on and why.

Speaking of facepalm…

I think the point that PRJack is trying to make is not about Safeway’s marketing strategy, it’s about the CFL’s. As I said in a previous post, the CFL is a nonentity out here. People need to see the brand, to get used to it, so it doesn’t seem as much of a sideline thing as it is now. People need to buy groceries every week, which means that during the season, they’d be seeing the CFL brand every week if there was some sort of CFL promotion out here.

Maybe, instead of extending it, the CFL should be pushing Eastern grocery stores to have a competition of their own. But the underlying idea of getting a grocery chain involved, given the fact that everybody needs food, is a good one.

In general, the brand needs to seek the fan. As it is now in most of Southern Ontario, it seems the CFL makes you look for them. And quite often, even when you look, you can’t find them (seriously, try finding CFL merch in Kingston).

Well, as a staunch CFL fan for decades, and one who has seen teams and the league teeter on the brink of extinction too often, I for one care about how the league is marketed. A lousy marketing plan leads to a lousy product and a lousy fan experience. And this at a time when the CFL is poised for growth!

The contest placement is nice on the Safeway page, but nobody in Ontario goes to that page... at least not the 6+ Million people living where there are no Safeways (and that's not even counting Quebec and the Maritimes). And even so, you still can't enter the contest if you don't have a Safeway Club Card. (BTW... your use of the Coors example is totally spurious as that is a legal issue and therefore can't be used as a comparison. I think I know what you are trying to say, but that wasn't a good example. Regardless, it's not the issue.)

It's not about Safeway or even TSN wanting to re-work the contract... it's about why the CFL hasn't been able to do so in order to make the promotion truly league wide. Gibson's does it. RONA does it. So why can't the Safeway promo be truly national in some way? THAT is really what I'm on about and THAT is what would be meaningful to the league - including expansion sites - and THAT is why I care.

I guess I'm just not willing to sit back and say 'so what'. I guess I care too much about the league. So sue me.

Thank you PiCat!!! You got it. :thup:

It IS a great concept. And that is why I say there is a wasted opportunity for the CFL to increase exposure and awareness.

I like the Wendy's kick for a million contest. That's a contest that embraces all of Canada!

I guess I dont understand how getting rid of a contest benifits the league.. Adding one yes, getting rid of one????

Not really.. Never seen a female there.

Wendy's advertising works on the bacon boy, I need a a baconator everytime The TiCats play

I guess you only read the title of the thread, and not the first line where the OP wrote "... or at least it's high time to revamp this horribly exclusionary, ill-conceived contest."

If I may speak for PRJack again, I believe the intent was to scrap the Safeway Touchdown contest and replace it with something that was more inclusive of the whole country instead of just the left half of it, and not to scrap it altogether without replacing it.