Scrap Heap Salvages - - Clarence Denmark

Looks like the Riders have filled the void left by Mo Price for the position of “Mediocre Import Receiver In His 30s” with this signing.

While not a massive fan of the signing, when was the last time he missed a game? If one chooses to view him as a Price replacements, at least he has much better hands and can handle contact over the middle and has always put up respectable numbers and been pretty reliable in clutch spots. This is not a bad signing, because a little more vet presence on the team is probably a good thing…at minimum into camp.

It's not a surprise to me that Denmark ended up in Saskatchewan, I predicted that's where he would be signed. Personally I think it's a good signing by the Riders as Denmark adds a veteran presence to a relatively young and inexperienced group of receivers on the team heading into T.Camp. I always liked Denmark when he played for the Bombers and he has proven he is durable and reliable over his career having only missed 2 games due to injury over his 5 years in the league.
He has also always posted decent numbers in his career having 4,165 career yds , 833 yds avg per season , 306 career receptions and has averaged 61 catches per season. All in all IMO a great pick-up by the Riders who if anything with all the changes and new faces in the line-up should be the most intriguing team to watch this season.

Clarence is a very good receiver. Riders are fortunate to sign him.

I agree this is a good signing.

....Clarence was a competent receiver who showed flashes of brilliance at times...You couldn't meet a nicer guy...Riders signed a good one...The only drawback is at 30, he's rounding the club house turn, and younger receivers are going to get priority...I still think he's got game and good luck to him...except when he suits up against us..

Good signing by the Riders. Like anyone else he’ll compete for a spot. He probably has 2 or 3 years left in him. He’ll be Getz’s replacement if anything. At least he’ll stay healthy and has better hands.

Keep in mind he had to play for Winnipeg his whole career before just being signed to Sask. I would say he is better than what his numbers show. I would have loved if Edmonton signed him but our receivers are already top notch.

I agree with that assessment. Had he been with a team that had a QB he would have had better results.

Has above average speed and good hands. Denmark is a good complimentary receiver. Not really a #1 spot guy but he won't be expected to be that in Regina like some of the expectations here after Terrence Edwards retired a few seasons back. I think that's probably a big reason why he's not sill here as the signings of Smith and Dressler give us similar bodied, speedy recievers as well but they have more of that #1 guy mentality. If Denmark was closer to 6 ft he probably sticks on the roster to compliment Smith and Dressler. He's a more consistent receiver and has better character than the dearly departed Mo Price make him an upgrade IMO.