Scouts needed!

Has anyone ever seen a proffesional team that cant find one caple coach or player like the Ti-Cats. In the middle of the worst season anyone can imagine I cant believe the quality of the players we have gone through this season. Not one guy would start on any other CFL team. A perfect example is Quinne, what qualified him to play football other than he owned a pair of cleats!

what was wrong with quinnie. he never got a chance to play reciver and he was good at returning kicks. he was alot better than holmes. in the last few games he has had a few that were big but got called back

Argos were grabbing the ball all night .

Once on Quinne ,who held it out unprotected and once on Holmes Stienaur grabbed his arm causing a fumble,Corey was off balance,but man that cost us.

Looks like Quinne lost his spot with two fumbles in twp games though.