Been taking in the Sr Bowl prep. Pretty pumped as I have missed out on it for a couple of years now…taking this in then off to the other coast for the Super Bowl. One thing I have to say is the CFL presence here compared to what I have seen in the past is night and day. I would speculate every team has representation of 3 or more…but the Riders…just wow. I don’t know if they were handing out promo gear to contacts and a lot happened to have it on today or what…but there is a PILE of Rider geared up spectators…and I use spectator loosely, because they seem to be doing more than casually watching, with a lot getting right in there. I have seen several members of the Rider Staff…like probably half, so I am wondering if they are all here or will be here at some point. I would say there are a few dozen people in Green “participating” which means they gave a lot of gear to really good contacts who are big fans of Jones and/or Murphy (they would not wear it to this otherwise…it is too big of a deal), or the scouting staff has exploded in size! I am actually wondering if they brought on a pile of consultants for a few months because of the intense roster turnover…any way I shake it I am crazy impressed by it. There is no way these guys are all part of a full-time Rider scouting team…it is WAY too big for that!

Just wondering if anyone has heard or read anything? Has the team announced anything in regards to scouting? I was pretty laid back today, but will be interacting more tomorrow, so maybe I will hear more…figured I would put out a feeler on it.

oh wow…ok…it was suggested to me it is more than the players that are being checked out. Supposedly Jones and staff are there to watch over how like 30 potential scouts do their evaluations and will likely be hiring a few from that group. What a brilliant idea! Come to the Sr Bowl…show us what you can do…we get useful intel on a pile of players and you might land a full-time gig. If it is true it is pretty brilliant.

Well who knows but something like that wouldn't surprise me as Jones is highly influenced by southern stuff, techniques, processes, talent, coaching schemes and the such.
From following Jones one can see he definitely has his own ideas, vision and way to go about realizing that vision.
I personally like this guys approach and given the last GM and HC is a sweeter smell. :cowboy:

Like any good organization you are only as good as the people that you have working for and with you,
This is what I like with Jones so far,he is working to surround himself with good people that he can work with,
having a good scouting system makes his job of putting a competitive on field product a lot easier.

This is a plus as I think our scouting has been sorely lacking the past 3-4 years. Smart move.

Wow, yes that's an understatement!
But that's what happens when you put all your eggs in one season to win a Grey Cup at home and Ransom the teams future foundation for the next 5 years.......Yah good plan :cowboy:

5 should have been 1 year of pain with remnants in 2015. Most of the inflated contracts of heavy hitters were done after 2013 and 14. Take Getz for example...his last contract was signed AFTER 2013. Chick...after 2013. Dressler...After 2013. Tbrack...after 2013. Brown...after 2013. Durant...after 2013. etc etc etc. The morons in charge were doing LOTS behind the scenes and off the books...there is only a small fraction that is actually "out there" for most people to bad as things have been revealed to be towards their end and is only the tip of the ice-burg. It was a complete madhouse with money and even worse with general atmosphere...even the office staff. They paid all their money to existing vets and went after other vets with the rest...this left chump change to attempt getting depth...which didn't really matter because their scouting was non-existent. Their best "find" was Roosevelt, and that was Drew Willy who found him...they had a few other respectable finds along the way, but nothing crazy.

all 3 of the heads (JMO) have talked about reinventing the team's scouting and making it into a machine...I am absolutely loving what I am seeing...few NFL teams have this kind of scouting presence!

Would be interesting if current management looked into this and came up with a means of voiding there contacts based on miscondut and/or corruption, therefor saving the 350,000 x 2 for the next 2 years.

CFL office was pushing their way in (as I indicated in another post)...likely would have done it but also probably crushed the franchise in doing so as well. Could they prove stuff...from what I have heard...yes.

All this scouting...but how much do they have to spend?

[url=] ... -decisions[/url]
Jones saved the team $500,000 dollars to spend elsewhere. With the renegotiation of Darian Durant’s contract, releasing Tyron Brackenridge, Weldon Brown, Terrell Maze, Macho Harris etc, I’m estimating he has well over $1-million dollars in cap space to spread across the roster, he might have close to $2-million.
Would would guess closer to 2. It has been said that 5 players (DD, Getz, Chick, Dressler, Brack) ate up pushing 1/3rd of the cap in the past (1.3 mil plus by my math)...was even stated into last season when BT was around. You then tack on Maze, Brown and Harris...all who were at the top end of pay spectrum for their positions...don't take long to get to 2 mil. Take the salary differential into play once the rosters are set...this club is going to have an easy 1/2 a mil to pick up 2-3 key free agents. Really like it.

Slow day down here, but I have heard a few names batted around and would say that there are a few new players on the Rider neg list. There were a couple RBs getting a pile of CFL attention from most teams.

Also...someone down here mentioned the Riders signed an new Receiver and that he was Canadian...I can't recall the name but the said he was a big kid who had a camp or 2 under his belt and it sounds like he is a 2nd generation player

WOW...not what I was expecting at all. I figured they would end up with 2 or 3 lead scouts and then a few somewhat part time

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sounds like they want to have 24 or so scouts...yikes. I mean, I love the prospect, but it would be interesting to see how it is set up for pay structure. I would suspect most are making like 40k with the odd one up to probably 1.2mil salary and a 1.6 mil budget

Pretty stunning by CFL standards. I love the idea of scouts only being a few hours from games and spread across the a pile on accommodation. Give this a couple years and it could be pretty amazing! 4 Canadian scouts...I mean historically that was a GM and assistant kind of working on the side on it...they could really dig up some hidden gems. very very interesting

Also sounds like they have hopes for Smith at QB still, but are bringing in competition.....great signs.

24 scouts Seriously? Just a tad overkill I would say. I get our scouting dept was lacking but talk about going to the other extreme.

We can waste money on to many scouts, but not on star players!! ok now that makes sense! LOL :roll:

Yes, it does make sense....SMS vs no SMS. It is not rocket science.

How can digging for a great player be a waste of money?

The lack of scouting for this team the past several years is disgusting with the resources that they have. This is great. It could 30 next season or it could be is new...they will work on it.

In this situation I love overkill

The money they spend on staffiing has nothing to do with the money they have to sign players as they are seperate issues. The league I don't think can dictate what amount you spend on staff but the players or course there is a cap.

I would think this may be a one year deal in order to catch up from the past. I just can't see how they could plan on maintaining that many scouts long term.

Doesn't sound like they intend for it to be a one year deal at all.

depop, can you or anyone with a knowledge of the scouting system, inform me as to some of the inner workings of a scouting system ? this would be of interest to me.
are they all dedicated to one team,
are the scouts a part of a combine that passes information of to the teams that retain them ,
or is it a combination of the 2 where a team has some dedicated and also use a combine ?