Scouting the CIS

It is well-known that the Argos come first when it comes to selecting and recruiting CIS players. This is great for our game, but the balance has to considered in bringing in seasoned veterans from the NFL who's services who can be still effective in the game. CIS players take longer to develop in the CFL as with NFL experienced players and NCAA collegiate players have an edge.


I think I know what you're trying to say.
Some CIS coaches have been quoted as saying the Argos scout their league the most. They have been quite successful with some of their late round picks to show for it. Maybe it is necessary because Adam Rita has made a habit of trading away their top picks.
CIS players do need a little more seasoning to compete with the imports because the Americans in most cases have played at a higher level and have more experience. But many of them can compete on even footing once they get some playing experience and coaching.