Scouting Team is a JOKE

:thdn: Have not done their job this off season it's quite obvious when EX Ticat players leave ,mostly "non Austin guys " and end up starting and playing wonderful for other team systems ! Quality out the door what quality has been coming in to Help this team ?F_ck all ? Injured players free up Cap room $$$so why has this crappy Scouting Dept not flew some replacements in for both our 1000 yd catchers ?

Tillman is not doing This team justice he is also doing Nothing :thdn:

Other teams appear to have no problem finding quality athletes. I agree 100&

Who scouted Butler and Jackson? It wasn't the Tiger Cats.

Murray and Sears spent more time on the IL than they played over their tenure here.

Looking at other teams , the Stampeders for example have been almost totally depleted on their D-Line this season due to injury after injury and currently have 7 of their D-Linemen on either the 1 gm or 6 gm IL . They are now down to basically their 3rd and in some cases their 4th stringers being forced into starting roles......and guess what ? They haven't missed a beat , next man up , plug and play . The train still chugs smoothly along and stays on the tracks .

Meanwhile here in the Hammer it seems like whenever we have an injury or two we go dumpster diving , it's scramble time looking for the cheapest possible replacement we can find . It's been basically the same scenario every time we lose a player or two to FA . Meanwhile other teams in similar situations it seems are going out and signing quality replacement parts that we never seem to get our hands on or show any interest in .

A perfect example of why this team is where it is today is to simply look at 6 quality key ex-players who are now long gone from here and who have never been properly replaced by adequate capable replacement players since their departures .

Here's the list.......make of it what you will , but these 6 players have NEVER BEEN properly replaced .

CB - Delvin Breaux
LB - Eric Harris
OT - Jake Olson
WR - Terrell Sinkfield
WR - Greg Ellingson
P/K - Justin Medlock

I'm sure there are a few more names that can be added to that list BUT to me these 6 are the main keys as departures to go along with inadequate replacements for injured stars such as E.Davis , C. Butler , A. Fantuz and Abdul Kanneh and it's not hard to see why this team is in the sad shape its in at the present time .

The Cats seem to be re tooling every year why they don't sign their free agents is beyond me.
The Argos Defensive Backfield is basicaly Cats Castoffs.
Why are we having to replace 15 to twenty guys every year.
The league is dotted with X cats, who all are pretty good. Is it that they don't want to play for KA ??
Borderline All Stars on their prospective teams.
The way they treat their Veterans is not sending a good Message.
A real head scratcher for sure.

Great points but remember Bob is in the "entertainment business !" Where the Stamps Moto is "whatever it takes" says it all!

All one has to do to see how abysmal our scouting has been is look at the virtual ever changing turnstile that has been our secondary since the beginning of the 2016 season . This team so far going back to that season opener of a year ago at BMO has seen no less than 22 different players suit up and start at one time or another in the backfield on our defence. Now sure some of these changes were due to injuries BUT in a lot of cases the players brought in were nowhere near adequate or even close to being considered top notch talent. Most were classic examples of Dumpster diving "101".

Taking a closer look at this list who can ever forget such stalwarts as......Quinton Pointer , Geoff Tisdale , Terrence Lee , Brandon Sermons , Derrius Brooks , Dominique Ellis , Jermaine Robinson , Cleshawn Page , Chris Davis . All by the way as of this posting are no longer with the team or on any other teams current roster or even in the league anymore for that matter . Others like Rico Murray , Johnny Sears , Cassius Vaughan and Johnny Adams are now also gone but employed elsewhere in the league . In the case of Murray , Sears and Adams , all spent extensive time on our IL . Vaughan on the other hand was a starter for the better half of last season and was for the most part horrendous . The team at this time has only 3 returnees (Em. Davis , C.Stephen and M.Daly) from last years revolving secondary who actually dressed and played last season ( 2 others , Washington and Butler were ILed for the entire 2016 season and Butler has yet to suit up once again this season and Washington after starting opening day is now on the 1 gm IL ) The only problem is that Stephen is the only one healthy and starting of the three returnees with Davis and now Daly both being on our 6 gm IL .

Looking at our current crop of DB's we seem to see the same old same old in the first two games . A mix of raw inexperienced, untested rookies such as Richard Leonard , Justin Rogers and Mtl castoffs Ethan Davis and Kahil Wooten as well as ex Argo Aaron Berry . The most frustrating thing about this is our big FA signing Abdul Kanneh has yet to suit up for us this season to go along with our other big re-signed All-star Emmanuel Davis .

You don't find the Stamps entertaining?

Not at all !when was the last time we beat them?!


They can entertain me by starting to win some fn games

I love the premise of this thread. "The scouting department sucks! They can barely find all star players to replace all the all star players that have left for the NFL" I would say having that many players taken by NFL teams shows that our scouting has been pretty good.


Austin and Tillman wake up. Have let
Too much talent go.Lose the egos and get off your high horses