As I'm from south of the border, way south of the border in Louisiana, I'm not sure the quota for American players to Canadian, so I don't know how many players may be drafted and picked up as free agents from the US. With that being said, IMO QB play in both the NFL and CFL has dropped significantly. There are a top few and then there's the drop off. Heck Kerry Joseph is from here in Louisiana around the New Orleans area. It took him 6 seasons to break out. My point is there are plenty of good football players, QBs included coming out of some of the smaller colleges here in the south who can play. There are a lot of kids the LSU's, Florda's, etc. don't recruit who go to ULL, SLU, Troy who could be impact players. Look at the O-lineman drafted in the first round of the CFL draft last year from ULL, and the kid from LSU who didn't make it with the Saints but went back and played for his dream team in the CFL. I don't remember their names.

With the receivers the CFL has a half decent QB could throw for a lot of yards.

The one thing I love about the CFL it's still a game. :thup:

The ratio is the 42-man roster is made of 20 Non-imports ( Canadians ), 19 Imports, and 3 QBs. Teams submit a 46-man roster 48 hours before kickoff, and have to declare their 42-man an hour before kickoff. The practice roster is limited to something like 7 players, which increases after the NFL training camp cut-down day, so teams can scout talent to invite into training camp next year. The injured list size isn't limited, but the salaries count against the salary cap, unless the team forfeits them for 9 games.

As for QBs, the NFL looks for QBs to be able to drop back, make quick reads, and deliver the ball. The CFL has QBs that excel at improvising. With the larger field, you see the QB scramble and roll out a lot more, as well as rushing the football. If the QB is good, and "can play" in an NFL system, even if he comes up here, he still has a lot to learn to adapt to the new system.