Scotties Girls - Have you been watching

anybody been paying any attention to the curling Tournament of Hearts ?

Sure have! Torn between Kerry Einerson, who I’d like to see repeat on the off chance that she could represent Canada at the Worlds in 2021, after missing out in 2020; Jennifer Jones, who is probably in her swan song and could leave as the sole owner of the record number of championships; and Rachel Homan, who is our Ontario representative.

On another thread, posters have been ragging on Rod Black as an announcer. How about Vic Rauter?? Do you think it humanly possible for him to tell us any more often that Chelsea Carey is filling in for Tracy Fleury? Every time they show the team and/or Carey, Rauter mentions it. Every friggin time they show a shot of Carey. Even when they go for a commercial break, away from her game, when they come back, he mentions it. Every update, every look at the standings. Every time, every friggin time! Makes Rod Black look like a silver tongued orator.

Not all that much into it, but got somewhat into it because my wife watched as much as she could during all the Olympics.

I cheer mostly for Jones, mostly because of Lawes.

Last game was a nail biter.

The tiebreaker game will be over tomorrow morn before I am up.

It can be a bit confusing to people tuning in re Carey/Fleury. Maybe they overdid it some, but I think worth mentioning every once in a while.

C/F team was my second choice going into this tourney. Wasnt to be.

I check in on it
No favorites really

Girls that are into sports are special and deserve nice things!!

So, two out of my three favourites are still in. Laura Walker was a unknown, but looks strong. I’m thinking a Homan-Einarson final, with Homan squeaking out a win.

I be cheering for Team Canada now.

Good final. I thought Canada was going to dominate, but happy to see Ontario struggle back to tie in the 9th. Even if Rachael Homan had made her last shot, I think Einarson was just too good to miss on her final, and, if she did, would have taken any extra end. A tough loss for Ontario, but a well deserved win for Canada.