Scott Taylor's latest Mike Kelly article

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Kelly can explain how he gets angry at the media using any excuse he wants to, but the fact of the matter remains: it is his lack of control which starts it. All he had to do in many of the situations he describes in Taylor article was keep his mouth shut, be polite, and not get angry. But he failed at that miserably on a habitual basis. And that resulted in confrontation after confrontation, and lots of video clips of him looking like a 12 year old instead of a pro football coach.

Kelly is not going to change. He even prides himself on that fact. The article was about a lot of whinning on his part. It's interesting that he says he won't do the OB show with Bob Irving next year. Says the show is useless. I wonder what Bob Irving and the rest at OB think. All part of his ongoing war with the media and fans. The article proves he has not learned anything from his mistakes and shows he is plain stupid. How as a coach would he learn if he made a wrong call or play when he can't learn basics. The circus tents will stay up during the off season. The best us Bomber fans can hope for is Kelly's release. No sense waiting for him to cause more damage to the franschise or changing mid season. The time is now.

If Kelly had two brain cells he could rub together, he would be doing some one on ones with the guys he piszed on all year instead of blaiming all of them in an obscure hockey blog.

You're making assumptions that Kelly is against doing one on ones or didn't do them this past season. That isn't true. Problem is some members of the Winnipeg media aren't interested in doing anything that might make Kelly look good.


.....much like the obscure 'apology' Turner just had to make to Kelly for getting his facts all wrong.....The knife cuts both ways.. :wink:

He did not make any apology. Bauer called Turner to speak about Kelly's behaviour. That's all that happened. Bauer is concerned about Kelly's employment. He did not make retraction.

Problem is some members of the media present their own side of the story and that's it...there's two sides to every story and the truth is usually somewhere in the middle...

True, but Kelly cuddling up to Taylor is only going to insult the enemies he created even more. In a way Kelly may finaly be getting his wish of controling the message but is anyone reading/listening ?

I think he's buying time but is so out of good will now that he basicaly is holding the team hostage and even if the board allows him another opportunity, there is no QB to save his sorry hind in the time frame he would have left. He's done.

How is it that he's holding the team hostage?

If the 'enemies' are getting more insulted by Mike Kelly getting to tell his side of the story, doesn't that prove the point of the article?

They make their living covering a team and a coach who would rather sit down with an amateur hockey blogger and discuss them by name. You know that is not going to fly.

As far as telling his side of the story. I've got to tell you a lot of it does not fly with my recollection of the stuff. Like you say it is somewhere in the middle, maybe not quite the middle. I am not even sure it is the professional thing to do.

He also goes in areas that are very dangerous. Like stating he will no longer do the coach's show with Bob Irving in spite of getting all the concessions he demanded from CJOB. So where is he going with that? Is he challenging the BOD, is he trying to get fired ? Or is he simply not very smart ?

This sums it up perfectly:

Now to be fair, he didn’t have problems everywhere. His morning interviews on 92-CITI-FM were always forthright and funny and his efforts with Joe Aiello and Ken Wiebe on the Sunday Night Sports Show on CITI produced some of the best moments of the year in Winnipeg radio. Somewhat surprisingly, his interviews on The TEAM 1260 in Edmonton and The FAN 960 in Calgary made him a CFL favourite -- outside of town.

However, when it came to Winnipeg’s two local newspapers, the TV outlets and the local radio rightsholder, Kelly had his differences. And the differences were so great that they resulted in almost daily attacks on his character, attacks that became the No. 1 sport in Winnipeg from June until November.

It's a vendetta that Kelly brought upon himself to draw attention off the team. Even guys like Friesen and Turner admitted as much during the season. And man does it sell papers, which is the bottom line.

I assume HF, that you have some rock solid proof that none of those 6 QBs are accessible to the Bombers? Or is this just another example of you pulling things out of the air to attempt to prove your point?

Anthony Calvillo: Doubt very much he's interested
Henry Burris: Very, very happy in Calgary (This from a personal friend)
Ricky Ray: Franchise QB in Edmonton
Darian Durant: Franchise QB in Regina
Jarius Jackson: Recovering from carreer shoulder injury.
Kevin Glenn: Need I touch this
KC Printers: :slight_smile:

You tell me what experienced QB in that group Mike Kelly has any chance of signing ? And I am being generous cause after the top 4 the others are more like B options...

.....look ...Turners' arse was out a mile on his article on Kelly at the Cup ....We won't beat a dead-horse on this one...You see it your way i see it mine....If your story has NO credibility (turners) and you admitted to it....nuff said I think we know where everyone is coming from.. :wink: formally retracting his crap or not....

HfxTC is right about the lack of available experienced QB’s who Kelly can lure to Winnipeg. The cupboard is absolutely bare. Kelly’s decision not to sign Printers will cost him his job in 2010 after the season starts with even more pathetic Bomber QBing, and Bomber fans stage an all-out mutiny (if Kelly is back at all, that is).

Just on the Scott Taylor angle for those that are not aware of this. Scott Taylor is not even a CFL fan, he is a total 100% A HOLE. I read and listened to the guy for years when he was with the Winnipeg Free Press as well as a CFL pundit on CBC. The guy would love nothing better than to see the CFL fold. He was one of the many A HOLES not that many years ago that went along with the " LAST GREY CUP BS".... Was on the front pages of many of the countries newspapers saying, this is the last Grey Cup.

Forgive me I have not even read the article posted here, just giving my opinion on Scott Taylor, total A HOLE, hates the CFL, is not a CFL fan and really is just a all around bad guy. Watched him for years knock the CFL at Grey Cup times and basically anytime. Did I mention the guy is a A HOLE.

I have said since the end of the season that I'd like to see them go after Jackson...plenty of healing time til training camp.

What he wrote in the past (and you are exagerating things IMO) doesn't really matter. He has written a number of positive articles on the CFL and the Bombers over the years as well. Currently, he is the only media person in Winnipeg who is writing the other side of stories.

Scott Taylor is not an amateur hockey blogger. He is currently the sports director of CITI-FM and a regular guest on radio stations in other cities (like The Fan in Calgary) as well as a contributor to the National Post.

Since your recollection of events is based on what the Winnipeg media has reported then of course what Kelly says isn't going to match.

I don't know how not doing the radio show is a challenge to the BOD. Given Kelly's comments about callers and and their behaviour, perhaps CJOB is demanding that the call-in aspect of the show be brought back. If the format was going to stay the same as it was for the latter half of the season then there would be no reason to bring up callers. Personally, I think having a Coaches Show instead of MK Show where they rotate MK and the assistant coaches throughout the year would be better.