Scott Taylor's current take on the Blue Bombers

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Sometimes, you just have to wonder how gullible people are. In a Winnipeg Sun report on the Blue Bombers' community ownership model on Sunday, columnist Paul Friesen quoted former Bombers GM Cal Murphy, the man who hoodwinked the volunteer board into allowing the team to fall $5.8 million in debt, as saying: "Be very careful. If you can help it, if you can run the thing financially and keep the thing secure, I would say keep on doing what you're doing. When it's a private ownership, there's less ownership in the city. There is a certain amount of pride in having public ownership. I realize the public doesn't really own it. But they do, in a way. They do get a say in the thing. They can get on the (board of) directors."

Oh poppycock! First of all, the average citizen can't get on the board of directors. Community ownership means "friends of." In the 70s, it meant "friends of Earl Lunsford. " In the 80s and 90s, it was "friends of Cal Murphy." Today, in fairness, it's friends of "Lyle Bauer, Sam Katz and Gary Doer" because there is still a stakeholders committee and, therefore, the mayor and premier have a say on the membership of the board. But me and you? We're never getting invited onto that board. Meanwhile, when it comes to running the football club as a "community-owned" operation, if it wasn't for millions in taxpayers cash, loans and debt forgiveness, the Bombers would have gone under years ago. Translation: What Murphy said was, in fact, "Keep doing what you're doing as long as government will let you get away with it." It must be working. After all, the Bombers did win a Grey Cup in 1990. This is obviously working in every sense.

You can almost see him rolling his eyes at the end of this rant!

Have to say I agree with it though.
Regardless of how you feel about Scott Taylor, he does make some great points.

No Grey Cup for 17 years. Something's gotta change guys...

Isn't this the guy who got fired from the Free Press for plagiarism? I wouldn't put too much stock in what he has to say. He does have a point or two but the scope of his rant is just too narrow minded to have much validity. There are a lot of factors to take into account in this whole private vs. public ownership business.

Does anybody really believe that David Asper would ever do anything intentionally to hurt the Blue Bombers in Winnipeg. If so, you clearly dont know the first thing about the man or his family history of philanthropy in the city.

Thanks Piggy, Scot Taylor belongs in BC where you don't need sense you just need an opinion...Sheesh, what a waiste!