Scott Schultz to announce his retirement

Looks like the Riders D is about to take another hit. Yikes. Wonder what the reason is...

Thanks Chief. This is a big surprise. Wonder what caused this in the middle of the season? Shologan seems to be playing great for the Riders. Did he pass Schultz by as the starter?

Even if Coach Miller is planning to start someone else, I'd still like to see Schultzy stay on for depth.

Somehow, I don't think that's the case, though. Miller is usually reticent to replace his starters, especially fan favourites and long timers. Call him the Anti-Buono....he actually shows some loyalty to his guys.

No, given what a class act Schultz has been over his years in the league, I'm guessing its going to be something big and important, that likely has nothing to do with football. Either that, or a hidden injury, and he wants to save Miller the pain and bad PR of cutting him.

Either way, good luck Scott. Its been a lot of fun watching you work, and thank you for the time and effort you have given to our favourite team.

Man, I'm going to miss #96 on the field.
He brought so much energy to the game ,and great wit

Good luck Scott Schultz and family.

Scott Schultz talking about the BC O-Line... " We're all over them like bums on a baloney sandwich".............classic.

From what I've heard rumblings of, he's retiring for personal reasons and not because he's hurt or for health reasons.

the best Scott Schultz line is the BC O'line......''there fat n sassy, fat n sassy pigs''.....haha im an eskie fan but thts a classic line to

I heard rumour he was planning to retire before the season began due to a business opprutunity. I am guessing that opprutunity has now come through. Sucks to lose him I wish he would finish out the season.

That was a good one. My fav is when he hit bishop and knocked his helmet off and then said:"I don't care if it's jesus back there im gonna hit em" lol classic

Showing loyalty isn't all bad, but as a Bomber fan I've seen a lot of times where coaches or GM's have been loyal too a guy for too long. Taman had a habit of keeping guys around longer than they should have, and Dave Ritchie as good as he was, kept guys around a bit too long as well.

The CFL is going to miss him. This guy is football personified. He loved the game and his enthusiasm was infectious. For him to retire mid-season is a huge blow to the Riders. It must be on heck of a business proposition to have elicited this response from Scott.


He is a part owner and is running an insurance company..... If he thinks this is best for hiom and his family I wish him all the luck. The riders will miss him and the CFL will too....

but i have to put this as a thread

Scott shultz will not only be missed my roughrider fans bit by the whole CFL…we lost a warrior and a charatcer type player that makes this league worth while…as big as a eskimo fan as I am…i know we lost a pillar of success for this league and its a sad day for the whole CFL

A great CFL warrior for sure, all the best Scott in your future endeavours.

Gotta wonder if this comment will light a fire under the Leos?

Maybe....if it wasn't 4 years old.