Scott Radley's column re: Jesse today

Scott is "right on" in his column today about Jesse. I can't believe what some so-called football fans can write about this guy. Obviously, these knobs who write this garbage were never athletes themselves because if they were, they wouldn't write this crap. This guy gave his everything here in Hamilton. His training, his dedication, his passion for the game were second to none. If not for injuries he could have become the greatest rb in this league.
I have real empathy for Jesse and his family and I hope he knows that there are many Cat fan's that love and support him.
If his career is indeed over, at least I feel blessed that I got the chance to witness one of the "greatest rb's ever " with a career cut short because of circumstances beyond his control. :cowboy:

buckwheat, well said... but greatest rb ever?...that be a stretch a little, i feel you though!


I have not seen many people “happy” that he is hurt. I know alot of people are not surprised this happened, doubt alot are happy.

What is more insulting to me is people claiming his carreer is over.

That is for him to decide and announce.

to all, this article is precisely the point i was trying to get across when i suggested people do not know how to separate being a football fan from being a human being, nicely done scott, the people that commented negatively about jesse just keep on proving that they're not sure what the difference is between being a fan and a human.


I disagree. Check the thread again. It's the "china doll" stupidity Radley cited, the smug "I told you so" mentality, the "LOL" labels over the fact it was in his first quarter of his first game in this season -- it fits a profile of the proverbial anklebiting that one can see when people are indulging in schadenfreude.

One instance in a thread about a young injured player is too many. My opinion.

First thoughts are revealing.

Oski Wee Wee,

It's really too bad for Ticats fans that things never panned out with Jesse. He has so much phenomenal raw talent. His injuries really plagued him and it's such a shame. I think we all shuddered sometimes watching him leave it all on the field every time he touched the ball. He was exciting but scared the hell out of us too the way he attacked his assignments with such vigour and gusto.....

I didn't really take a shine to him until he stepped up and shaved his head and donated his locks for cancer victims. He became a real man that day in my opinion and no matter what happens in his football career from now on, he has honour, is a great role model for kids and has my total respect.

Good Luck to him in the future whether his career is in football or something else. He's good in my books.

Russ, agreed that LOL is inappropriate, and some of the comments (a very few) were over the top. But, "told you so..." No sorry, that's a simple response to the many posts on this board that said not signing Jesse was the end of the world for our franchise. The dumbest decision in the history of the franchise. Give him whatever he wants, even more...It's hypocritical to isolate the discussion. Even Radley went way over the top..."the most devestating player in the CFL..." Not exactly a objective opinion. Same with all this could've, would've should've been the greatest running back in CFL history. Jesse is light years away from demonstrating that kind of hype. And like it or not, durability is one trait of the great ones. People on both sides of this discussion need to gain a little perspective. We're all entitled o our opinion. IMHO, Radley's column was cheap journalism. Doesn't make it true, but we're all entitled to our opinions. PS. Well it is true that Jesse is facing some challenges, if this is the worst he faces in a lifetime, he'll be a lucky guy. When a doctor comes out of the operating room and says "your wife has cancer..." That's a terrible situation. A young many with his whole life in front of him has much to be thankful for...wonky shoulder or not...

I've found it hard to believe from his first CFL shoulder injury (torn labrum) that Jesse was ever given clearance to play FOOTBALL again. Either a malpractice suit in the making or Jesse disregarded his medical advise. That aside, Jesse is capable of doing far better things in life than playing football. Yes his football dreams were not fullfilled so big deal.

I was sad to see that Jesse was seriously hurt again. I had Aug 8th circled in my calendar (his first visit to IWS in an Eskie's uniform).

The guy has alot of talent and when I was watching him play, I was always sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what would happen when he got the ball. He could be electrifying. I remember vividly the game in August of 2007 when he scored two rushing touchdowns of about 70 yards each on runs from scrimmage - the first one was the 'cats first play from scrimmage of the game (I think it was his 25th birthday too). This gave a tantalizing glimpse of what was possible with him, it's a pity that injuries prevented this from happening more often.

If football isn't going to work out with him in the future, I hope he becomes a gold medalist bobsledder and is successful in life. He seems like a genuinely decent person. I wish him the best.


'Jesse's in a terrible situation'

July 04, 2009 Scott Radley

The Hamilton Spectator


I agree with Scott about the posters on
with the immature 'Beavis and Butthead' mentality.

Even as he [Jesse Lumsden] was stoically walking off the field holding his arm to support the ailing shoulder on Thursday night,

the message board on the Ticats' website was filling up fast.

Sure there were a number of people showing some class.

But mixed in with their comments were a bunch that
show what jerks some so-called fans can be at times.

"Haha, the guy is such a China doll," wrote one idiot.

"Thank God we got him off of our hands before he stole all of our money."

"Lumsden may be hurt again... Big surprise... Lol...," added another.

"Wow one game, lol" wrote a third.

There were others. Too many to stick around and read without getting angry.

Which is when the thought occured that

since TSN was carrying the game, perhaps
things were better on their message board.

With a broader audience not as emotionally invested in the story,

it just might afford a chance to cleanse the palette.

No luck.

"LOL this is absolutely hilarious," wrote one poster,

proving if nothing else that all the ignorant
football hillbillies don't live in Hamilton.

"Looks like touch football is all Lumsden can handle," quipped another.

Let's be clear. Cheering for your team is one thing.

Booing the opponent is cool too.

Being ticked at him for leaving the Cats
and choosing the Eskimos is fair game as well.

That's part of sports.

But enjoying the suffering of a local kid because
he suffered a number of unfortunate injuries,

and as a result didn't live up to the expectations you placed on him?

That's sick.

Finding humour in his situation because
he chose to leave the team you like?


Excellent column by Scott Radley. Glad to see someone in the media thinks this way and is prepared to call people out.
Good luck Jesse. We were a better team with you.

"one of the greatest running backs ever" , " I'm insulted people say his career is over"

Insulted ???? get a grip Neil

This place is one huge love fest.

PS . was it really necessary to start another thread?

I found Scott's article a little soft on writing.....maybe it was a soft day and he couldn't come up with better writing. Here's why:

  1. As he is part of a Hamilton media which is pretty lukewarm to the Cats 99% of the time.
  2. Some of his comments like "one of the greatest running backs ever", is uneducated and demeans those that have played full seasons and entire careers. His stats are no where near those that are in fact Greatest running backs ever.
  3. The fact that he dove into a chat room to review what people had said blows me away....they are intitled to an opinion whether we (the people) like it or not.....and if not, pass it by.
  4. Clime, Shultz and Matt were right on the same path :thup: and were saying the same thing....yet more political!

Unfortunatly Jesse will need to make some big decisions, while he was a good RB thru CIU and CFL, I actually think he'll make the right one. Good Luck JL.

...I'm sure I could go on but why ...... it's all yesterday's news. :roll:

Exactly :thup:

We all wanted him to succeed as a premier back that was Canadian and coming out of the CIS, too few of these in the league. I think most of us share in his trials and tribulations in this respect, we feel with him sort of. But he can hold his head high at the end of it all and say he gave it his very best shot to play in both the NFL and CFL and that's something to be extremely proud of. How many of us can say we really went to the nth degree to go for something that was our dream? I still regret to this day not having tried out for university football. Yes, I would have been cut the first day but regret not at least giving it a shot.

Jesse is a winner all the way. :thup:

I've already stated that I have total respect for Jesse but I think Scott Radley's analysis of Ticats fans was way overboard and off-side. He forgets that this was a shoulder injury, not a brain or spine injury.

Given the controversy over the winter when many fans speculated that he is injury prone and the Ticats management balked at his demands, I don't think it's over the top for Ticats fans to say "I told ya so"

Much worse has been wished on Mike O'Shea over the years if we all recall, and if Mike got "popped" by someone and got taken out of a crucial game due to a non-life threatening injury such as a separated shoulder, I bet the farm not too many Ticats fans would be crying in their fact, as an anology, I've heard many defensive ends state that their goal is to nail the Quarterback and take them out of the game.... (cleanly of course and with a relatively minor "hurt")

Radley was over the top on this in my opinion. (with all due respect to was a soft hit on a soft shoulder...nothing more)

Jesse is a great guy, whatever he does in life he will be successfull, he is really polite, great character - you can tell he was well raised. More people in modern society could learn how 2 act &/or conduct themselves like Jesse. I think its funny that people here would even imagine throwing out the term "soft" when thinking off Jesse, go look in the mirror, you need a reality check......

And I'm willing to bet the majority would not take kindly for anyone to laugh at a serious O'Shea injury. Its a lowlife act to laugh at others misfortune. Besides the entire comparison is kind of silly since people are bemoaning a carreer cut short and you are talking about a player that could walk away any time and have a full carreer to his credit

Lumsden is a very good Canadian talent, it's unfortunate that injuries have stalled a career that could've seen him up there with the CFL greats of the past.

Being a bruising running back with shoulder problems usually means it'll be a tough road back to being completely healthy.