Scott Radley's article today

Without question, the best article by any writer in the Spectator this year, re: the Cat's.

I've often wondered why this franchise over the years has such a hard time developing QB's. Since Ronnie came to town with Danny Mac, we have not developed one QB. No other team in the league have this problem.
Why, I ask, should managment sign a QB and automatically annoit him the starter regardless of his performance, for whatever reason. This policy has not worked in Hamilton. I sure hope with a new GM and head coach this will change. :cowboy:

Sorry, I lived in Saskatchewan until 1988, and so was through the whole Lancaster era...but cannot recall one single QB "developed" there in the 1960's to 1980's...

While Ronnie brings a lot to love him for, he's a one trick pony at QB, and that's just the way it is.

Lets take a look around the league...

Winnipeg: Kevin Glenn - Nope
Toronto - Damon Allen - Nope
Calgary - Henry Burris - Nope
Montreal - Anthony Calvillo - Nope
BC - Dave Dickenson - Nope
Saskatchewan - Kerry Joseph - Nope
Hamilton - Jason Maas - Nope

Edmonton - Ricky Ray - Yes

1 QB was developed by the team he is currently starting for... Is it possible that in a league of 8 teams, teams look to Free Agency to land a QB rather than waste 2 years developing a guy you THINK could be your starter?


This is not the NFL where you draft a QB and teach him the system, taking 5 years to make him a starter (Alex Smith, Matt Leinart, Vince Young). This is a FREE AGENCY league where you can turn your team around in 1 year if you have the right QB.

Doesnt anyone read other posts on this website ?? We already went thru this topic and it was discovered that very few QBS get developed by teams . They pay thier dues and eventually a team will give them a shot as a starter .

Wasnt it last season that he was saying the same thing about Marcus Brady ?? He got his shot and failed miserably . What team is he on this season and has he thrown a pass ???

When was the last time Corley in Calgary threw a pass ? He`s behind a 40 something QB who you guys wanted out of here last season .

Its tough to develop a QB in the CFL and most teams get a retread and after he has been around a while he "gets it " and develops into a starter. Most times out of nescessity because thats all the team has, since thier last starter either retired or just cant do it any longer . Or like in Hamilton the fans demand another guy because they think if they lose it`s all his fault !!!!

Not sure if this list is accurate. As my memory goes, I seem to recall that Kerry Joseph was a Development Q/B, as he was in the NFL prior to the CFL, but only as a Receiver. It was in the CFL that he 'learned' and studied, as a Backup Q/B, before he got to be #1.

Correct me if I am wrong...

The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

(buckwheat) Without question, the best article by any writer in the Spectator this year, re: the Cat's.
In my opinion, Radley is the best sports writer in the Spectator and I make it a point to congratualate him whenever I see him on his way to the press box at Ivor Wynne. His article in yesterday's paper about Lancaster's use of quarterbacks was bang on.

It's unfortunate, because Lancaster does a lot of things right, however, quarterback changes has never been one of them.

Desjardin's should make it his business at this juncture and step into this situation and ORDER Lancaster to bench Maas for the balance of the season while he starts Williams and Eakins. If none of them make the grade, we should be in a hunt for three permanent quarterbacks to come in next season.

This being said, in this league, nothing is permanent, however, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Radley is right! We can't stay with the status quo. Either the chemistry for success isn't there or these current quarterbacks are not up to CFL standards. (Particularly Jason Maas)


I also congratulated Scott Radley for yesterdays article.
I,too,could not figure out why Coach Lancaster (presumably with Marcel Desjardins' blessing) would still want to continue starting Maas when he has two other QB's on the bench. But it strikes me now that maybe Desjardins has decided none of them will be back next why bother.
However, if there is any change in the next two games, my vote goes to Ritchie Williams. Maas and Eakin have done enough damage this season.

How many times this year have we been beat by second and third string QBs that have been developed by other teams. Didnt we get beat by BCs third string QB last week.

true, but you're still wrong.

Kerry Joseph was developed by which team? Ottawa....

if they were still around, that would make him #2 out of nine that were "developed" by and starting for the same team.

nice try though... (and he was a Safety in college and the NFL)

Yes you were, and Pierce is going to be sticking around the Lion's Den for a couple of years yet. Depending on DD's concussions, Buck could even end up being our starter next year, with Jackson backing him up. Now Wally has picked up Mortenson, who also may end up being on our fulltime roster.

All depends on how DD heals. Personally, I think DD is too fragile, and should retire before he does something to himself that makes him permanently disabled.

I dont feel that the BC QBs played such a brilliant game on Saturday . I think we got beat by the best player in the CFL . Simon is GREAT and made our dbs look like children among men . His leaping ability and ability to get open make him so good and able to break games open . We need a player like that .

Kevin Glen has thrown for less yardage than Maas but when Stegal is hot Winnepeg is very hard to beat . Same as the recievers in Clagary , especially Copeland . He can break a game wide open and makes it easy for Burris to just toss the deep ball up and know that Copeland can come down with it and make big yards . We simply dont have that guy !!!!

You guys are all making a great point...that our defensive schemes are lacking in shutting down the various "anna-be" QB's of the league, although you fail to mention the Damon Allen style winners...

Maybe this means that we need a Canadian defensive coach? Is there such a beast?

Note that our offense does not "suck" for talent, but rather for direction...its a coaching and player direction flaw; and thegood news is that guys like Hill are getting tossed by the new GM. We as fans might magnify them as being super stars, but Hill is nobody without a team, and he forgot that.

We seem to need an Offensive lineman that can kick the butts of the other four (we might be close with Woodward), and a couple recivers that will go for it ion the crossing patterns; an RB (Lumsden) that might take the freight...

Now what we need will be confined to some wide outs that "matter" in the game plan, and someone, please someone, that can write and enforce an Offensive Game Plan, based on the skills of this Club...

We have a ton of "players" we just lack the coaching that allows them to excel...

And thats the bottom line...