Scott Radley on Maas

This is a very well thought out and written article on Jason Maas' time in Ticat land.

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I think he has everything right and he has Maas diagnosed very well, too bad that most fans do not have this vision.

Also, I have not seen this much activity on the forum in such a short period of time. It must be a record of some kind for visitors and postings. It was hard to keep up yesterday, every refresh brought in a lot of new messages.

well written.

Part of Scott Radleys' Spec. article
he wrote;

"That's true. He's played behind an often porous line that gave him little time to find open targets, had receivers who often failed to get open and were more-than-occasionally bitten with nasty cases of the dropsies when they did, and was stuck with some bewildering play-calling from the sidelines."

Scott didn't mention the ...horendous....penalties by the team that killed drive after drive and gave us bad field position on kicks time after time.

Well written.

I liked the article. It shows some respect for Maas while still being honest about his production.

Very well written.

8) An excellent article that tells it like it is !!! Such is the world of the professional athlete of today !!!

Agreed excellent article

yeah scotty was the same one said it's time for chang a few weeks ago.

Never a great scrambler, the arm that once tossed for 5,274 yards for the Eskimos never crossed the Ontario border with him. Arriving in Hamilton, his throws often lacked zip and hung up too long, giving defences time to react. So, the gun-shy Cats essentially abandoned the deep ball altogether.

With no fear of being burned downfield, opposing defences became increasingly bold. In each of his last three games, the other team's head coach made no secret of the fact that the game plan was to stop the running game of Jesse Lumsden, apparently unconcerned Maas could beat them through the air.

Good article. Pretty much sums up Jason Maas and why I'm not ready to blame the O line. I think we need to see how they are with a quarterback that can put some fear into the defence before we can judge them.

mayeb a new team, new number, new attitude will help maas.

"So the barely contained anger or frustration or sore feelings or whatever it was he carried into the room yesterday morning was understandable.

Yet it should be directed at nobody but himself. This franchise gave him ample opportunities to play long past the point that most would've benched him. He didn't get it done. Period.

"I feel pain just like everyone else about losing here," he said. "But damn, I've given everything I've got."

Nobody disputes that. Effort and intensity were never the problem.

In the end though, hard work and good intentions can't trump results. Not in pro sports where the bottom line is always wins and losses."

In this passage, Radley puts it far more succinctly than I would have. Cruelly economical use of language, but the cold hard truth of this sport.

I hope Jason can rebound and that he lights it up here as a potential successor to Calvillo. I know that once the sting of rejection goes down, he will find that Montreal is a wonderful place to be (even if only part-time for work). The fans love their team here -- and they will never find a greater competitor on the field than Jason Maas!

A necessary turning of the page.

Oski Wee Wee,

Agreed, and best of luck to Jason, a quality guy and a fierce competitor.


I agree and sums it up well. But I might add, for those of you dissing Jason Maas, get a life.
The guy obviously came with a damagaged shoulder, but he gamely tried to play through it. I think he left everything on the field every game I saw him play but a QB can't play this game with a bum arm...if any fingers are to be pointed it should be at the people who made the trade in the first place. It appeared to be an under the table deal and they got burned.

Maybe when Jason is done playing he will admit that his shoulder injury started when Jonathan Brown sacked him at the sky dome back in 05 while still a member of the Eskies. Whether that is the total reason or he further damaged the shoulder trying to play through it only he knows. Maybe his shoulder will continue to get stronger with time and he will have some good years left in the league. I know one thing he proved he could play at a high level in the CFL the year Ray was in NY. Those guys don't grow on trees as we have seen over and over with the parade of former US college stars. Many are called but few are chosen.

I agree lets show Maas a little respect on his way out. At least he tried. That being said, those guys i saw with Maas jerseys on Monday at the game must have rocks in their heads. Weak. Did you really think this guy was gonna be the saviour?? Hahahaha suckers!!! Those jersey sales helped us to get the loot we needed for Printers, Thanks for doing your part!!!

Radley summed it up perfectly If you cannot run or pass you have no chance at successand that has been Jason Maas since his arrival

I'll show respect for a player when he shows respect to the team and its fans by admitting he cannot play

IF i had a Maas Jursy id STIL be proud to wear it! A tis a cats jursy! B he played with more heart then a goood 90% of the CFL players! rarly did he go legs first just b4 beaing tackled!