Scott Radley calls for Chang

I think it makes a huge difference. New management has no obligation to the previous mangements pet projects

How could new management get out the deal? What team would take this contract?
They were stuck with it!
And I repeat, that by giving up on Maas, the ORGANIZATION runs the risk of perceived incompetence.

No they are not. They've done everything they could to make a bad situation work and look good in the eyes of even the most extreme critics on both side of the debate

So are the cheerleaders and they have nothing whatsoever to do with player personnel decisions

Got to agree with argoconvert on this one.

at the time of the deal it looked good we got a potential all star qb coming from edm who’s proven he can start,
but was he injured before the trade?
and to me maybe on my own i still see an upside with maas.
the season continues or ends friday night for me. id be suprised if this team doesn’t respond.

If Maas was injured before the trade then we were sold damaged goods.

And that is not the fault of the current regime. Every single decision maker has been replaced since then. EVERY ONE OF THEM

I think the most important part of the article was Mass cant throw a deep pass that dosent look like a wounded duck flying through the air and Chang can. I can live with rookie mistakes but watching a veteran under throw open recievers is painful.

A point made by many and disputed by a few

Gee..what a refreshing article by Radley! :thup:

Put's it all in perspective! :thup:

He didn't say anything that hasn't been already pointed out on this board...AND OTHERS.

That's why he is a writer and we are not! :wink:

again i luv chang, luv his arm but saw only 1 long pass by him.
doesn't anybody think maas had a lot of zip on his throw last week? that's what i thought i saw. i gotta quit licking frogs lol

No I don't think Maas had zip, I didn't lick any frogs

Then you agree that management is concerned with what the "critics" think? And my original question was... perhaps this has influence on the decision to start Maas every week! (IE. Radley article)

No I really don't think they are concerned about the critics. I just think they would be vindicated by the critics by giving Maas every opportunity and then cutting him loose if he fails after there timetable has been exhausted

I think the Radley article makes it very clear that 'that time' has come!

O I definately agree but I'm not the one setting the timetable

Well you gotta think that if we lose by the same way, penalties and inefficient red zone production, then it's Chang from here on in, because this being a home game, and the sixth one of the season, you gotta win it.

When it makes front page sports news the timetable has ended.

Taffe doesn't work for the Spectator. He makes his own timetable not the Spectator

So are you saying the media has no influence???