Scott Park - Lot J

What are the City plans once cleanup is completed ? Expanded Parking for Ticats? A Park ?

Last I had heard, a new two floor highschool was going up there, and King Geroge was going to be partial condos, partial parking, but I could easily be mistaken.

Too bad they couldn't build an OHL size 10k arena, that could be used for concerts etc with a large underground parking lot.
Tear down the downtown white elephant.

This is what will be going up on the Scott park land, High school and Rec Center

8) The most interesting question will be, where do the 400 cars go, that use Lot J now as reserved parking ??
   Also that is where all the tailgating takes place.
   At roughly $180 for a season parking pass (which is sold out yearly), it will be a big question for the TiCats, as to 
    where these people will go.  Certainly will put a big dent in the TiCat coffers if no other close lot can be found !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The cost of tearing down Copps will be far larger then the cost of just leaving it be, so sadly, not likely to happen. What it needs is a full reno, which isn't going to happen unless the OHL Bulldogs start packing the place (once can dream).

I think this shot looks pretty good of the area where the school used to be. Can't figure out how to paste in the photo, but this is the link. Too bad the city couldn't get some type of commercial development just to get the tax revenue.

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I thought it was established awhile ago that tailgating will be over with, at least in its present form, once the construction is complete?

I parked in that big lot just north of Barton, on the way to the stadium there were at least two other lots with tailgating going on.

So bottom line we will lose this lot and get shoved down off Barton for say by that time 200 bucks a pop , I paid 180 and I love this tailgate lot it's a real tradition oh well we will have to walk farther that's all?!

From my understanding, some nearby old glass plants are being demoed and replaced with parkland as well, which could be used for the tailgate.

I don't know what used to be on that lot but it was an old factory just off of Lloyd St, there are a couple of gates that lead on to Gage Ave. The sign said parking courtesy of Tim Hortons. There was a big tailgate going on in the parking lot just behind the Subway on Barton St

It is on the Dom Glass property off Barton
12 acre Brian Timmis park to replace the Brian Timmis soccer field taken away by THF configuration

Slightly off topic but I think it is "cool" that the police in this city turn a blind eye to tailgating at Ticat games. There is an offence they could issue a summons (ticket) on called "Drinking in other than licenced or premises" if my memory from my youth can be trusted.

As long as people don't act like idiots we all can get along. This proves it to me. :wink:

So this parking on this plot would be as big as what we have now at lot J ? Scale it say 1/2 200 cars?!

Does anyone know if there is a lot of tailgating going on at the new big parking lot at the end of Chapple Street? I didn't get a parking pass for Scott Park this season, figuring we could just park nearby and carry everything over. This new lot holds even more cars and looks like a great place to tailgate.

I'll be at the game this Sunday, so we''ll park there and check it out. Forgot that fact.