Scott Mitchell

Ticat president Scott Mitchell was awarded a Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario David Onley today

I'm curious what Scott did to deserve this honour ... it certainly has nothing to do with his football sense.

I think your comments are uncalled for. I think Scott has done a good job as Tiger-Cat President and has been very professional in his position with the Tiger-Cat organization.

The fact is that due to Scott Mitchell and people around him in the Tiger-Cat organization is that change has come about and over the years with the hiring of key members of the Tiger-Cat team, management, scouts, coaches and so on but even more it’s the ability to turn a franchise around is what Scott has done with Bob Young at the controls, is turn the Ti-Cats into a professional and respected organization something very difficult to do in a City like Hamilton which was so down on it’s team when Bob took over in 2003.

The Tiger-Cats are headed in the right direction, new stadium, new Manager/Head Coach in Kent Austen, new coaching staff, players etc and a new direction and now it’s time to change the attitude of some fans and get behind this team. Winning on the Field will come when all the elements are in place and I can say as a Tiger-Cat fan that will come because we have a great team in place and great fans in the stands!! Criticizing is easy but actually doing is entirely different and the TI-CATS are headed in the right direction!! EAT EM RAW TIGER-CATS in 2013!!!

Congratulations Mr. Mitchel !

This is a very prestigious award, and only the selected few are chosen.

Mr. Mitchel is very deserving of this award, a lot of the work he does is behind the scenes and is not recognized or noticed.

Hamilton is very lucky to have Scott a part of this community :thup:

Congratulations to SM as well. Sure, he has his weaknesses as everyone does in this world and as well works under certain constraints and conditions as everyone else, it would be great if we were all perfect at everything, and I’m sure he will admit to his weaknesses if asked. Life is a lifelong learning process and I’m sure we all might do a few things differently if given a second chance. But someone or some people have obviously recognized him for his contributions to be able to grant him this award.

The TS is asking a legitimate question. The award has nothing to do with football so he obviously did something to earn it. They don't give those out like candy. I'm curious too. Might change people's opinion of him.

There have been 60,000 Diamond Jubilee Medals awarded in Canada. That's roughly one for every 583 people in the country.

In other words, if there were 25,000 people in the stadium for a Tiger-Cats game, and they were representative of the broader Canadian population, 43 of those in attendace would be recipients of the medal. One of those 43 would be the team president.

The way these were handed out, there probably WILL be 43 Diamond Jubilee Medal winners at the next home game!

It's just bad reporting when reasons aren't shared. If anyone knows why he recieved this I wish they would share.
I do agree that it can't be anything to do with HTC's... :cowboy:

Thought this summed it up well about DJW's:

Not everyone should be embarrassed about having a Diamond Jubilee medal

[i]Look, with 60,000 of these things being given out, lots and lots of recipients are of course worthy of the medal. Even some of the folks with big titles are deserving because they did stuff outside their jobs, like volunteer for social-service organizations and put in hours on boards of directors and start up non-profits — all work that goes under the radar and is under-appreciated and under-recognized.

That’s what the Diamond Jubilee medal should celebrate, and in many cases it does. So just because some recipients are less worthy than others, it doesn’t mean you should send yours back[/i]

[url=] ... lee-medal/[/url]

With respect to SM, this bio line from does indicate he does volunteer work to further the role of amateur sport and that in itself helps our youth in this country to be the best they can be and that is in my books a worthwhile contribution to the youth in our communities:

A passionate advocate of amateur sports, Mitchell sits on a number of amateur sports related boards including the Canadian Athletic Foundation and also remains active with the development of CIS Sport

Of course some will say he does nothing in Hamilton worthwhile because he doesn't live in Hamilton proper, which is an unjust criticism of him IMHO.