Scott Mitchell

In this forum people's job performance is rated ranging from players to coaches to gm's. I am curious to hear what others opinions on Scott Mitchell's are. I don't know what it is, but even going back to the whole stadium debate he continues to make me wonder if he is the right person to assist in progressing this organization further.

The same guy who talked about establishing continuity...fires the HC, has both the OC and DC jump ship, and trades his starting QB (who had career and record passing numbers in 2010) and a promising NI O-lineman (an always valuable CFL commodity) for a soon-to-be 37 year old who lost his starting job?

I guess if you keep hitting the reset button often enough, you could get lucky once in a while.

The Burris trade, without having a HC in place hints at desperation and a gamble at a time when The Tiger-Cats were poised to take over the east after solving Montreal after all these years.

I don't know what the solution is, but these optics aren't good.

Mitchell has been spewing inaccurasies for many years about Ivor Wynne Stadium. Finally something stuck, but we will end up paying for it. I personally would take anything he has said or has to say with a grain of salt.....and that's being nice.

A lot of haters on this Board. Must all be fans of the West Harbour.

Mitchell is a well connected, smart guy to have in charge. The Ticats have gotten better each year he's been here. His goal is a Grey Cup, and nothing less. What is wrong with that?

Mitchell should be given the keys to the city, the way Hamilton City Council treated him during the stadium thing. They lied to his face a hundred times, but he always persisted in trying to get Ticat fans the new stadium.

If you are going to be critical of anyone connected to the Ticats over the recent past, focus on Eisenberger and Chad Collins, who almost singlehandedly cost Hamilton any shot a new stadium...and who certainly cost Hamilton the ideal spot for that new stadium. And yet they are both still gainfully employed in plum positions in this City...a real head shaker.

I agree with blue tees sentiments exactly. :thup: FE and some others didn't have a clue how to work with the Cats for the best possible stadium outcome, no question.

I only have a sketchy knowledge of the details of Mr. Mitchell's job, but,

Cap'n, aren't you confusing Scott MItchell's role with O'billovich's G.M. role?

Mr. Mitchell's job as President is to get bums in the seats with paid for tickets

by building the Tiger Cat "brand" in the community, the province and Canada

The team had it's best year at the gate last year, under Mr. Young's ownership.

Mr Mitchell deserves kudos for that.


A lot of haters on this Board. Must all be fans of the West Harbour.

Touche, blue tees.

When things don't go a person's way, I take their opinions with a grain of salt.

Sometimes I take them with a huge tablespoonful. :slight_smile: :smiley: :oops:


ex-mayor Fred doesn't work for the city any more

He got recycled into a "think tank" in Toronto.

A common situation with many career politicians.

As Al Davis said, "Just win, baby."

A team President is responsible for the success of the team, it is not a popularity contest. By that standard Scott has been -very- successful taking over a 3-15 team that had missed the playoffs three years in a row. The team has improved consistently on and off the field under Scott's leadership, despite all the distractions of the Stadium debate and limitations of operating one of the CFL's smaller (although improving) revenue teams.

But like all of you, I'm not happy not getting to the Grey Cup every year, so If you think you could do better please send me your resume to:

Personally I'm looking forward to seeing this year's Tiger-Cats hoist the Grey Cup in Toronto.

Cheers, Bob.

ps. All the petty criticisms posted by others in this thread are complete hearsay, and are either simply not true or taken so far out of context as to be pretty much the same thing.

Thanks for posting Bob.

Your standards are low.

Someone hasn't had their Jimmy Dean this morning. ;-)

LMAO ! Thanks never seen that one. We don't have these in Canada Bob and please don't get any ideas about bringing them over LOL !

Thanks Bob for clarifying the staff roles. I doubt you'll get any offers to do Scott's job. It is great to have a forum to give opinions and discuss the team, however when they cross the line and make statements about things they don't understand someone in the know needs to comment. I for one appreciate all you do and have done for the team including hiring the right people to do the jobs. George Cortez is the latest example and I'll be there in TO to help celebrate the big victory.

WOW...just WOW :roll:

I can't believe what I'm reading on here by some of the "haters".

Ad my name to the list of those that think Scott Mitchell has done a GREAT JOB. :thup:

This ranks as possibly the most ludicrous statement I've ever read on this forum. No further elaboration required. :thdn:

One just has to hop over the Buffalo and pick some from the freezer section of the local Tops Friendly Market... :smiley:

successful taking over a 3-15 team that had missed the playoffs three years in a row.

Well said Caretaker. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Now for you haters.... I know you hate BY because FE couldn't figure out how to work with him on the glorious and illustrious Rhemm invested soil infested city never cared about .... West Harbour.... Okey dokey, idiots...

Fred, if you cared about West Harbour so much, why didn't you clean the friginn place up ASAP when you became Mayor? Why? I won't say to be respectful to you, sir... :roll: :roll: :roll:

You are in a good place now, you are smart, problem is you are not wise, and there is a big difference between the 2, sir..

"Just win baby " ??????? we continue to be a .500 team, that is not success - if it was, wouldn't Marcel Bellefeuille still be our coach?? he was here through the Mitchell era. BTW ... great signing in Cortez... I was not a supporter of West Harbour,not a hater and remain very supportive and appreciative in all Mr. Young continues to do for my team and city.

All of your points here are right on the money. Well said. :thup: As for the people who who can't see the progression with signings like Burris and Cortez, and the efforts of Obie, Mitchell and Young to improve this team, well their criticisms can best be seen as a combination of amusing and infuriating.