...Scott Mitchell

....This guy looks like a great no 1 pick....IF he lives up to expectations (he sure did at the combine) this kid could be a starter in short order AND a ratio changer...I like the fact that he's very versatile and can be moved around on the O line...Mack has said we are sticking with our No 1 pick so i expect Mitchell will be in BluenGold this season :thup: Someone would have to come-up with something extra special for us to give up that pic and i don't see it happening...Looking very good guys... :thup:

It would indeed be a nice to see the Bombers keep their pick, when’s the last time the Bombers picked first overall ?

According to the CFL draft website, it was 1975.

wow that long eh.. thats insane. i hope we keep it... mitchell looks solid.. i think he would be an upgrade over morley at guard already and possibly in the future could become a tackle as greaves looks like he has skills to be an effective guard aswell.. mitchell is at labatte level when labatte was drafted, if/when hopefully we pick him number 1, i expect our oline to be... Butler,Labatte,Khan,Mitchell,Douglas. Greaves. 4man - Morencie. January,Morley all possibly moved for picks...

i think it would be nice to get the 2nd pick... edmonton has it... Id strongly consider a jyles,january/morely to edmonton vs 2nd overall and maybe 3rd round pick in this years draft.

i think the interesting question...... who is going number 2...

if im the blue bombers, im not taking anthony parker... i think im taking henoc muamba, lb. This guy has skills too and while he might not be able to start right away like mitchell, im thinking he would be very noticeable on sp teams.

either him or the harvard receiver over parker and the other dino.. just because. Its a good move.

Id also like to see lb thomas hall given a chance here (maybe undrafted??)

there are a few interesting prospects but no doubt mitchell goes number 1... unlless we trade it. guess if edmonton wanted say parker, and we wanted mitchell, i guess we could trade it to edmonton for pick 2 and maybe if they have it... pick 9 or 10... + maybe a late rounder too. (gotta squeeze em abit, we only got 3 friggin picks)

It is exciting for fans and for an organisation to be first to pick. Especialy with an obvious guy at the top of the board, unless you get an all star NI starter the Bombers should keep the pick.

....I can't see trading down for extra pics....OUR NEED is on the o line as far as i'm concerned....IF we don't take Mitchell ..the next o line player in the draft is not in his category, as far as talent....I guess we could consider a trade where we obtain an excellent ni o line guy plus another high-end player, as Mack has suggested...BUT who in their right mind is going to make that swap... :roll:...We took Labatte a few years ago and he has paid great dividends for the Bombers...I think we have another one in Mitchell :wink:

Agreed. Only way any move is made with the first pick is if they get an established NI, a first rd pick later in the round, and a 2nd rounder which we don't have, at the very least. This would give them the potential to add 3 quality NI players to the roster. Moving down in round 1 and adding one more pick is probably not enough for a guy like Mitchell who, although he might need to add some more strength, demonstrated he has some ability to play all 5 spots along the line. Calgary looks to have 4picks in the first 2 rounds (6,9,11, and 14). They had an excess of OL when Tsoumpas came back and let Archibald walk in FA. If they gave us 3 of those picks I might consider the deal, or even their 6th and 9th with John Cornish (ha imagine if they offered Corey Mace back to us). They are about the only team that has enough picks to make a deal happen, and considering they let Archibald go there's an outside chance they might be interested, but somehow I think they are happy with their depth right now and can probably add a decent lineman a few spots lower. No other team has enough to make it happen IMO.

Calgary and Montreal are the two teams most inclined to draft NCAA juniors (based on past trends). Calgary is shaping up to be able to clean the board of them with their four picks in the top 15 or so. The big loser in this draft is Edmonton, They can use Mitchell even more than Winnipeg but I doubt they have anything to make a deal.