,,Scott Mitchell......????

.....Is on his way to the Peg according to OB' sports.....He played with the hammer and has been a recent cut.....Big guy who runs hot and cold....Never know, he might fill the bill and become more consistent when he gets other receivers to 'actually' work with...and a more talented team overall... :wink:

Mitchell will drop a lot of passes and fumble a lot.

But “you never know” (papazoola’s sig line), he could be 100 X better than Armstrong.


If he goes on the field when he's supposed to, he'll BE better than Armstrong...

Adarius Bowman is probably the guy filling Armstrong's role, so it's just receiver depth. He's big though, maybe he can find some consistency. Can't hurt to give him at least a look, though.

heh out in two.....i remember a guy who played for the BigBlue named Kamau Peterson....he didn't catch very well when here....but under a guy by the name of Mike Kelly in edm....he managed to catch very well.....All Mitchell needs is some proper coaching and a better team to play for... namely the Bombers :thup: :rockin: I can just see him now ...running all over the Cats ....payback time... :lol:incidentally....Peterson only had rave revues for Kelly as his coach.... :wink:

Yeah, be careful with that logic, though. We Rider fans loved Jim Daly as a Defensive Coach too. Look how that turned out...for both of us.

....i follow you Arte.....but i assure you...Kelly is a totally different mentor than Daley...Will he be more successful???....Time will tell..I like his no-nonsense approach...and the players seem to genuinely like the guy(armstrong excluded)....Daly never got that respect ...at least here.... :wink:

By all accounts, Daly was widely respected by both fans and players as a position coach/coordinator in SK. I have to admit to being happy when he was promoted to the big job.

Ohhh, how bad it became.

U guys have added Mitchell to the practice roster and released Armstrong.

...that's correct....I'm surprised at the size of this guy....similar to Armstrong... He looked real good in practice.. Maybe Kelly can mentor him into a player who can hang onto the ball...as i know that was a prob. of his....Never know this could turn out to be a good signing...I know he'll be looking forward to the Ham. game next week... :wink: :lol:

why not bring back a late cut from training camp who's familiar somewhat with the system and the quaterbacks. And I'm not just talking about the bombers, but seems teams always bring in castoffs from other teams. Watched a number of games last year where mitchell dropped balls for the T-cats. It sounded like the bombers had some good passcatchers in camp that impressed in practice (Justin Surrency?), why not bring one in and give them a second try and let them develop rather than bring in someone with no knowledge of the system and who has tape showing him dropping catchable balls.

Wouldn't want to put a strain on "the database" :wink:

Better to go with a guy who was cut on a team with the weakest receivers in the league.

"The Database" is very sensitive and if you push it too hard it might cause a black hole that would swallow a good part of the city of Winnipeg or worse cause a rift in the time continum. This could lead to ugly events like Brian Mulroney or Micheal Jackson making comebacks.

....Surrency was different type of receiver....probably why the Bombers have gone with Mitchell...size..... The weakest team in the league didn't exactly 'high-light' his attributes... :lol: I think you'll find he'll be a BIG successfull target for LeFors... :wink:

Well I know Printers has been blamed for a lot but Mitchell dropping balls in the numbers. I'm not so sure but Mitchell is still young and as a fifth or sixth receiver won't be under any pressure.

Bombers have released Mitchell and Kordic.

....YUP.....that was a quick cup of coffee for Mitchell.....Rumours around the Peg are that an nfl kick/return artist and receiver of note is on his way to the Peg....search me who it is ....someone ask bluebombers14...he 'might' have a clue... :roll:

I can't really think of any notable ones from the past couple of years that have been released by their NFL teams. At least not a receiver of note. There are a couple of decent return guys. I'll throw out the name Doug Gabriel - 28 years old, he's big at 6'2" 215 (which seems to make sense as maybe an Armstrong replacement candidate), had a career 21.5 yard KR average and three 30 reception seasons - I suppose maybe that qualifies him as a notable NFL receiver? He's the best I can find among free agent return specialists. Just throwing a name out there though.

gabriel would be a great addition, but has significant nfl experience, he didnt just bounce around between practice rosters so i think it is unlikely he'd give the cfl a try because he will most liekly be picked up by a team at some point... but hey who knows.

too bad about mitchell i did kindof want to see him get a chance. thats the business for you.