scott mitchell

scott mitchell will be on the fan 590 between 3 and 4pm

My Guess is the Prez not the player

Did anyone tune in to hear what he had to say?

I heard that he said the following:
"Those guys from the Forbidden Website are really smart. They held a party in toronto last year to release the cats from the Curse. Well, since that party the Cats haven't lost to the argos. I salute the Forbidden Website and hereby announce that the Argos $UCK! "

he didn't... did he really say that?

he was on for the full 20 mins but didnt really say anything new or too intresting. he talked about printers and then all of our runningbacks. he also talked about labourday and the festivities.

same old Same Sales pitch then ..
Yada yada Yada

Uh, what interview were you listening to?

Mitchell said Printers wasnt certain and Lumsden has a high ankle sprain and would be fighting it the rest of the year (but expects him to start Mon.)

Which was certainly interesting since everyone was under the impression both were good to go.

About the last 10-15 secs. of the interview he touched on promotions