Scott Mitchell would like TiCats to bid on 2019 Grey Cup

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Hamilton won’t bid for Grey Cup until stadium litigation is settled

[i]The City of Hamilton will not partner with Hamilton Tiger-Cats in a Grey Cup bid until the lawsuits surrounding the construction of Tim Hortons Field have been resolved.

“We can’t do any business with them when there’s litigation outstanding,? city councillor Sam Merulla said Friday.

The Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Eskimos are the only two teams bidding for the right to host the 2018 Grey Cup game. Calgary last hosted the league’s championship showcase in 2009 while the game was played in Edmonton the following year. The 2017 Grey Cup game is set to be hosted in Ottawa, an event that coincide with country’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

Hamilton, meanwhile, hasn’t hosted a Grey Cup since 1996. But Ticats CEO Scott Mitchell says the team can’t move forward with a bid without the support of city council.

“For the Grey Cup to be successful, there has to be a partnership between the team and the city,? Mitchell said.

The competition between the two Alberta cities is the first under the CFL’s revamped selection process. After years of awarding the Grey Cup – and its estimated $100 million of economic activity – based on backroom handshake deals or regional preferences, the CFL Board of Governors has put a formal process in place to judge each application on its merits.

When the City of Hamilton opened its publicly-funded $145 million stadium in 2015, the hope was that the city would be in position to host multiple Grey Cups in a short period of time, giving both the city and the team a significant economic boost.

But the stadium, which was delivered more than a year behind schedule, has been by beset by construction problems and is the subject of multiple lawsuits filed by the province, city and the CFL team.

There have been reports that a settlement between the parties could be imminent – something that Merulla reiterated on Friday – but Mitchell says significant issues remain.

“The reality is that there hasn’t been any progression in the litigation,? he said.

[b]Nonetheless, Mitchell remains hopeful that the team and the city will be in position to make a push for the game by this time next year.

“Our focus is on 2019, which is an exciting year because it coincides with the 150 anniversary of Hamilton Tiger-Cats franchise,? Mitchell said. “We would be thrilled to bid and ultimately host the Grey Cup that year.?[/b]

Although the current Hamilton Tiger-Cats were officially founded in 1950, the franchise’s origins trace back to 1869 when Hamilton Football Club was formed. They played their first game in December of that year and became the Tigers in 1873.

“I think that’s a great idea. I really support it,? Merulla said. “And it ties in nicely to the challenges we’re facing with litigation. It should be resolved well before then.?[/i]

Sounds like the city is not on board. Litigation could drag on for years.

A shame but Hamilton city council is getting what it wished for so it seems. The City of Hamilton will drag itself eventually into the sewer, so glad I'm moving out of this city within the next year or so and moving up north away from all this crap.

Hamilton should be and have so much better. But with politics as it is in Hamilton, it's a dead-end city IMHO. Everyone seems to be fighting with everyone, politicians with business leaders etc. Sad for a city with so much potential. It simply needs better political leadership from the top than it currently has.

We need term limits on these clowns.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. :rockin: :smiley:
If it's so bad, why not leave now?

I knew you would respond Lenny! :smiley: The fact is the TigerCats are one of the best reasons why I don't really want to move, love the team and history and ownership, fans etc. but for my wife to retire early we need the money from the house with house prices having gone up so much and we can move into a smaller place up in northern Ontario somewhere, maybe Parry Sound area or North Bay, and have an excellent quality of life living where there just aren't as many people around. As well, when we visit Ottawa where my wife's family is, we won't have to drive through Toronto which is just an unpleasant experience for us.

I also don't like the idea of exactly how much LRT could end up costing taxpayers in Hamilton. I don't think I'm alone in this respect.

Sam Merulla is Councillor who represents the Stadium Precinct and he is certainly on board with a bid for the 2019 GC

“I think that’s a great idea. I really support it,? Merulla said. “And it ties in nicely to the challenges we’re facing with litigation. It should be resolved well before then.?

I have been a Tiger cat fan since 1969. I love my team, was a season ticket holder for some years.

However, with the city in litigation over the building of the stadium, they need to settle this problem before getting engaged in such a large activity as the Grey cup. And, in the process, they need to be responsible to ALL the taxpayers and not just the ones who support the CFL in the area.

The timing of all this could not be worse for their possibility of a bid.

Long before you blame city council for the delay, how about an angry letter to the project manager, Infrastructure Ontario, who made a LOT of promises they did NOT keep.

And the totally inept builder, who created and left a legacy of issues for EVERYONE else to clean up.

City council is merely trying to address a mess created and ignored by others.

Why would you think I'd respond? I've never responded to your posts before have I? Or are you one of those who has created a new name for your postings because of others questioning your comments?

I used to be Earl but changed it due to some technical issues the site was having a while ago, maybe a year or so ago I think it may have been. Certainly nothing about anyone questioning my comments, in fact that's what makes this site or any site what it should be, a discussion board where people have different views often from your own view. The world would be boring if we all just agreed with each other all the time.

It now all makes sense.. :oops: I just have not seen you post on the Ticats forum for a very long time.

Yes, haven't posted here in a while, I find I'm mainly using the site for the off topic stuff. But I do read the TiCats section here often.

House prices are pretty high in Parry Sound area too. We are in Collingwood area from May to Oct and the prices there have gone sky high, too many from Toronto have bought up Collingwood for the skiing.
Wasaga is a lot cheaper but it's not the nicest town.
We have had mini-package tickets for Ottawa the past 3 season and take the northern route across so we don't have to go down to Toronto.
LRT in Hamilton? not needed !!

Yeah Sauble Beach is nice but tacky as heck. Owen Sound nice but in order to go visit the wife's family in Ottawa more easily, rather be on the east side of Georgian Bay. We aren't downhill skiers but like hiking.

Port Dover is a gem thoughd with the warm waters of Turkey Pt and Long Pt close by with nice beaches, I just wish you didn't have to drive through Toronto to get to eastern Ontario. The way it is though,

I think LRT is a great idea in principle for the city but I just have my doubts if the ongoing costs with ridership numbers will keep it viable without telling the taxpayers you have to pay up. Hey, we don't have kids but get an education tax no problem but LRT seems to me to be a luxury when buses always served me well as a kid, never had a problem using buses and you don't have to tear up a road in the process and ruin some small businesses in the process along the route during the construction phase and spend huge amounts of money. Hamilton is not Toronto.

Make Hamilton's bus system great I say and to outlying burbs, a "gold standard" for cities along the lines of Hamilton's population, makes more sense to me than an east-west LRT that has issues with snow and disability people. And it's not even going to Eastgate, just to Queenston Circle. If they are going to do it, make it go to Eastgate and do it right at least in this sense.

IMHO Hamilton just doesn't need LRT because the area of greater Hamilton is so large that numbers aren't there like a Toronto. Doesn't make sense to me albeit as I say in principle LRT is a real nice "newish" idea for the city.

And LRT from the mountain to below the escarpment isn't on the books albeit BRT is. Why not do BRT throughout as much of greater Hamilton as possible where it warrants and forget LRT from Queenston Circle to McMaster. Or simply better bus service if BRT is too expensive for some outlying areas with questionable ridership projections. :?

Now, back to the topic at hand. I'd wager that there will be a shiny condo on the former Shell lot at Main and James before we host another grey cup. The city and the team will never agree on terms to host. Consider the plethora of amenities in the stadium district. Who will pay for the temporary seating that will be a difficult sell even if the cats are in. Sorry never see it happening.

Given how much of an infrastructure crunch the city is engaged in, and how little they seem to want to spend of events or things that will draw events (like upgrading First Ontario Centre) I don’t see the city getting involved in a proper Grey Cup bid unless an overwhelming amount of constituents across the city as a whole, make it clear that they will turf their perpetually incumbent Councillor over this issue, which in itself seems unlikely.

No way we're getting a cup for 2019. One cup in 46 years speaks for itself.

It’s now off season and no news of ongoing litigation being in court or resolved. Does anyone know how we find out what is happening.
I’d like to start planning for a Grey Cup week in Hamilton before I die?.

Good luck. Next excuse will be LRT construction has dowtown roads torn up. A new Halifax team will have a game before Hamilton.

to repeat a wise mans post....we need term limits on these clowns!