Scott Mitchell pissed at the Bombers...

Mitchell has thrown down the gauntlet to the team as a whole, its what a leader does. Its about time the clang of some big brass balls from further up the food chain was heard.

Leaders lead from the everyone needs to step up! CLANG, CLANG, CLANG!!!

GO CATS! :twisted: :thup:

Wow. Just when you thought the Ti-Cats couldn't get any more pathetic. What a sad marketing ploy. Luckily Winnipeg can rely on good quality football to draw fans to games.
First of all, Doug Brown didn't spit on the city, he said that Hamilton's visitor dressing room is poor quality. Not exactly fighting words.
Secondly, a Hamilton newpaper started that moronic saying last year "I'd rather be 1-5 than from Winnipeg". So stop acting so outraged and deal with it like we did.
Last of all, Milt Stegall, being the class act that he is, thanked the Hamilton Tiger Cats for allowing him to talk to the fans. Then your team President tries to make it seem like a big deal.
So for the Hamilton head office, stop embarassing yourself and the CFL. Try to scrape together a win then maybe someone will take you seriously.
By the way, Charlie is right: Winnipeg will take both these games

The fans will be loud until Winnipeg's opening drive TD. Then it will be tea-time again.

Looking forward to 2008.

i'm sure bob young will go into the cats locker room before the game and tell them not to get to rough :wink:

I am sorry, but what team are you people a fan of? You are the biggest group of pessimistic and fickle fans professional sports have ever seen. Honestly, most of you make me sick speaking as a football fan.

What ever happened to being a passionate fan who sticks with their team through the good times and the bad times?

I think I am going to start a golf tournament with the proceeds going to send a group of you glass half empty fans down to Detroit so you can watch the Lions play in front of 80,000 people who love the team even though they are perennial basement dwellers. Everyone has a jersey on and every game they cheer their hearts out like they are going to win every game.

So what if Scott Mitchell guaranteed a win this week? If you don’t think you can win every game you play in, you shouldn’t be playing the game.

Oskee Wee Wee on Friday night!

  • paul

Hear Hear ! :thup:

(*its the rats that jump first.)

At the game we need to be nice and loud also just like the Winnipeg fans were last week. It does throw the team off there game so we need to do that to do our share for our team. Whether the guy wrote that or not we know our city isn't a sh"t hole so who cares what they write. But after watching the game last week and seeing how it was a little difficult for our guys to hear what was going on I figure Ivor Wynne needs to be just as loud or even louder to do some payback.

I know I will try and do my best to be loud and proud
see you there for our 1st win

It's Hammer Time
Go Cats Go

You know what you guys are so right we shouldnt have gone for that Field goal it was such at bad idea..

we should have gone for a Touchdown and a 2point conversion that would of been much better! Be more like the Eskimos and dont whine about it the esks never said a word even though sask kept coming even late in the game cleary doug berry still believes the ticats can make the playoffs so he wants to try to win a tie break so take it as a friggin compliment

A passionate fan gets angry when his/her team continuously loses.

Jim Lang on Sportsnet isn’t too happy that Berry went for the FG either.

“Why? Why would Doug Berry attempt a field goal with an 18-point lead with only one second left to go? That’s a severe violation of the “code.? The football gods will make the Bombers pay for that some time later this season”

Maybe we’ll knock them out in the playoffs with a last minute Field Goal.

Yes, but does a passionate and true fan continuously make back-handed, cynical comments while second guessing every decision the franchise makes with the benefit of hindsight, effectively kicking them while they are down?

An angry fan who is truly passionate about his/her team would show up at the stadium and cheer and scream their hearts out for the team and make the stadium a difficult place to play in for the opposition. As fans that is the only possible way you can positively effect the outcome of the game.

That is the proper response for a passionate fan. Not by entertaining thoughts of paper bag wearing or boycotting or calling for yet another player/coach/GM head via this forum or screaming negativity from whatever soapbox you can find.

  • paul

No a passionate fan could do either. Notice I'm not saying you aren't a true fan or not a passionate fan or even worse attacking you in a personal fashion because I disagree with your choice of expressing your passion. Maybe you should do the same to those who show their passions differently that you do

You are right. What this team needs is more people to sit on their couches and watch the games from home and then vent their frustrations negatively via this forum.

I guess we are just different types of fans. I prefer to go to the games, enjoy the experience of being fortunate enough to a watch professional sporting event and cheer my heart out for my favourite team regardless of the outcome.

  • paul

You are entitled to your view and I am entitled to mine.