Scott Mitchell pissed at the Bombers...


This Cat is spittin' mad

Nasty insults about the city of Hamilton raise the fur on Cat president's back

July 31, 2007
Ken Peters
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jul 31, 2007)

Payback time.

That's what the president of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats says is in store for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the disrespect that organization has shown the Cats and the city of Hamilton.

Scott Mitchell says he wants Hamilton fans to vent on the Blue Bombers when the Prairie club plays the Cats Friday night at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

"Winnipeg fans caused us to take four or five of our penalties Friday night. Doug Brown spit on the city. They've done things to us as a franchise that I hope our fans will rally behind. And if you can, forget about our record for one night and let's make it tough on Winnipeg to play in a tough stadium Friday night," he said.

And if that isn't enough the Cats are holding a Black Out Night in which the team will wear all black uniforms and fans are encouraged to wear all black as well.

Mitchell is upset that Brown, a Bomber defensive tackle, reportedly called Hamilton a "shithole" in a column he wrote for the Winnipeg Free Press.

The Cat president is steamed over Winnipeg running back Charles Roberts' published comments that the Ticats would be 0-6 "when we get through with them."

But what has Mitchell and Hamilton head coach Charlie Taaffe in a real lather is the end of Friday's contest that saw the Bombers beat Hamilton 36-18 in the Manitoba capital.

On the second last play of the game Bomber passer Kevin Glenn took a knee to end the play.

But on the final play of the contest, Bomber head coach Doug Berry had Troy Westwood attempt a 49-yard field goal. The kick was wide and run out of the end zone by the Cats.

Berry told the Winnipeg Free Press he went for the three points since points scored is used as a tiebreaker in the event of a tie in the standings.

Taaffe was so miffed with the play he refused to shake Berry's hand afterwards.

The Hamilton bench boss said yesterday the field goal didn't sit well with him.

"You already have 38 points. How many more do you need? I'm sure he has his reasons to justify it. I just don't think it is appropriate. The game is already won. You take a knee and move on. But that's me, that's my feeling," he said.

Mitchell called the attempt to run-up the score "disgusting."

He said the Cats showed class by letting Bomber receiver Milt Stegall celebrate his record-setting 138th touchdown with a brief ceremony on the field even though the Bombers didn't ask or receive the Cats permission to stop the contest.

In an e-mail reply Bomber president Lyle Bauer said it was a league decision to stop the game and honour Stegall. He assumed someone contacted the Cats.

That said, he wondered what Mitchell was raising a fuss about.

"If this is a marketing ploy, good for him and I hope it works. They have done a good job in Hamilton and they have a good team," he said.

Mitchell had his own reply to the Bombers.

"We're going to win Friday night. That's my statement to Charles Roberts and everyone else. We're going to win Friday night because I have enough respect and admiration for our players to know they're not going to take that."

"The return favour for us sitting through the Milt Stegall thing is Doug Berry trotting his field goal team out with two seconds left to kick a 52-yard field goal.

"I'm upset about it, so is Charlie and the players better be as well," Mitchell said.

The Cat president says he wants to see some pride. From his Tiger-Cats. From Hamilton fans.

"Because at the end of the day Winnipeg is doing this to our fans and not just to us."

Mitchell rejects the notion that Cat fans have started to stay away to protest the poor play. While the Cats drew less than 22,000 to its last home contest, the smallest crowd in the Bob Young-era, Mitchell said four hours of rain before the game was to blame.

"We would have had 24,000 to 25,000 if it hadn't rained during the day," he said.

Mitchell said poor crowds will not effect how the club is managed.

"As much as you guys want to make a big deal about the fans voicing their displeasure, that is a huge deal for the fans, it is not a huge deal for the franchise because we continue to pay the bills and go out and do everything we need to do to be successful," the Cat president said.

But he added the Cats must begin to win to keep the good crowds coming.

"People in Hamilton are not stupid. The fans deserve better, Bob (Young) deserves better. We're all upset. And I want the players to be upset."


I couldn't agree more. I have kept my comments pretty much to myself since Friday, but Mitchell is right. I hope we have a huge crowd on Friday to throw the Bombers off their game. As far as the field goal goes, I have no problem with "running up the score" if there is even the slightest chance you can actually score on the play. There was zero chance of Westwood making that field goal and the fact that he took a knee the play before and then went for it was a joke. If he actually intended on trying to increase the score for the tie breaker he never would have done that. Berry is a hypocrite. One thing I really DON'T agree with is stopping the game to honour a record and I don't care if it's us or them. Announce it and respect that, but do the presentation at half time or when the game is ending. I've always felt that way. The game comes first.

The fact that fans are expressing their dipleasure, SHOULD be a huge thing for the franchise.

Good catch JAG.....I missed that part..

Well, the good news is that I'm sure it is a big concern for Mr. Young....'s hoping for a big crowd Friday... :cowboy:

As I said in another post, EMBARASSING!!!!!! Like we don't have sports reporters that are an embarrassment to the city of Hamilton. I'm forced to defend Winnipeg against moronic behavior that Mitchell is encouraging

Let's not forget, The Spectator ran a spread last summer with the headline "I'd rather be 1-5 than from Winnipeg."

Doug Brown was way offside in his classless editorial, and I'm sure he'll hear about it from the fans on Friday night. However, this seems to be yet another attempt to shift focus away from the performance of the team. I said the same thing last year when those two cheerleaders were dismissed, publicly embarrassed, and hung out to dry by the Spec and the Ti-Cats. What was our record at the time? Exactly.

I love this town, and I love this team. But let's keep the editorializing for the Opinions pages.

Beat them on the field, that's where it counts.

The fact that fans are expressing their dipleasure, SHOULD be a huge thing for the franchise.
Ya but if you think the team should start Chang just because the fans say so then who is running this team? If its warm beer, half time shows or plain tickets then the team should listen but if its regard personnel decisions than forget it.

Actually the fans should have no bearing on the decision. Maas’ play speaks for itself

I was unable to find a link to the Winnipeg Sun Doug Brown column in which he refers to the Hammer as a "sh**hole'. If anybody finds it, I, for one, would appreciate it if she/he could post the url in a reply to this thread.

Its actually a very old story that he recycle annually

Think President Scott Mitchell is only trying to stir the pot in hopes of attracting fans to game. Instead of being mad at Winnipeg; maybe we should be upset with the quality of football presented by this organization.

Frankly, I am glad Scott Mitchell is showing some emotion and is calling out the fans to loud and proud. I am glad to know he actually cares.

A loud and intimidating Ivor Wynne Stadium is something that has been lacking since the beginning of the Bob Young era.

  • paul

Winnipeg Fans caused us to take penalties .Well it is good to see the entire organization blaming others from the top down.Canadian refs can't cut it, the other teams fans made us take penalties the dog ate my homework.I guess looking in the mirror and admitting you are not good enough is to adult a concept for the 0 fer bunch.

This is what we need to rally around. Lets take the padding off the walls and see how Doug Brown and Charles Roberts like "old time" football. Lets be loud every single play that Winnipeg is on offence and lets try and give our guys the advantage that the Bombers fans gave them last week.

Go Cats Go!

I agree, let's make this the turning point. Fans need to show up and be loud for the entire game, especially when Winnipeg's offence is on the field. Instead of wearing paper bags, how about bringing signs that read "We Believe". Letting the guys know we have faith in them can make the difference between winning and losing.

Yes there’s no doubt Scott Mitchell saw an opportunity to stoke the flames of passion in Hamilton. :slight_smile: I mean how could they run up the score like that Ooouuu I’m so mad :slight_smile: But that’s part of the job, deflect attention away from the present plight.
He should get Angelo Mosca out there claiming the Bombers are a dirty team lol and that Marcel is out scouting for US officials.
Never a dull moment in Hamilton. :slight_smile:

Brown writes his column for the free press not the sun, and his article wasn't about hamilton being a hole, it was about the visitors dressing room at ivor wynne being a hole. (no hot water etc etc)

Not entirely true. He slagged the dinning option the hotel options the location of the stadium and pretty much everything he could twist to suit his purposes. There is no doubt he intended to say the entire city is a hole

what happens, when after all this rallying support behind the ticats and the city in defence of doug browns comments....the cats STILL lose?

lets not forget:it was the Hamilton Spec that threw the first stone last year.

Love how Scott guaranteed a victory... nothing like giving Winnipeg billboard material.