Scott Mitchell on Prime Time Sports

Bob MCcown will be speaking with Scott during todays show.

Mark Cohon is also on the show today, sometime after 5pm

Thanks, Beet! Just spotted this at 4:56pm.


Thanks man Watching it on Sportsnet

I’m down in Florida on a terrible web connection… can’t even stream radio! Fill us in on what he says. Thanks!

Bob MCcown called us the P***y Cats :x

I hate the Toronto Media..

coming up after the 540 sports

disapointing to me that on the eve of a new season all they ask him about was the bills affecting the cats. I think scott seemed a little sick of that question and wanted to talk about all the positives going forward but as usual he gets asked about the bills and the nfl once more.......

I think we should Stop Talking to Rogers Sportsnet and the Fan.

If there going to ask about the Bills and The NFL.

Who is Bringing the Bills Rogers That's who.

I was hoping to hear about the home opener and league opener and the great show they have planned for tomorow but instead they bring up that crap again. Its a drag.

I don’t understand how anyone can consistantly listen to Mccown, he’s just soooooo boring, I’d rather listen to the channel that reads the news paper all day to the blind.

Well Watching Paint Dry is almost as Fun.. :lol:

I like McCown.

It's way more in depth and refreshing than most other cliched sports shows.

I agree with CaptainKirk. I didn't like him at first but I've learned to appreciate him after litening to Pratt & Taylor out here on the west coast.
Pratt if painfull to listen to but I need my sports radio.

i quite enjoy mccown, usually a good listen.