Scott Mitchell on OTR Tonight...

According to the Winnipeg fan site, Scott Mitchell was on TSN’s Off the Record… there’s a repeat airing at 11:30 and im pretty sure this is it.

Tune in to hear what Winnipeg’s fans call Scott “Running his mouth”

I really hope they are going overboard with their comments but between Mitchell and Marcel who knows anymore?

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Here I was wondering what Mitchell was doing on CHML and it's Old Time Radio programming! (OTR is what it's called to fans of 'The Shadow' et al. I get my fix most nights.)

Now I have to choose between my OTR's...

Thanks Crash.... guess I'll have to watch the 12:30 airing of Colbert

Apparently he's up soon...

Wednesday Aug 1st

* Up Front with Sam Holman - Owner of Sam Bats, Manufactures Barry Bonds' Bats
* Scott Mitchell - Hamilton Toger-Cats President
* Joe Motiki - Host of "Game Gurus" (YTV)
* Warren Sawkiw - Former Blue Jays Radio Broadcaster

Wow, they're really not digging Mitchell in Winnipeg...

[i]"Mitchell was on the football huddle last night and sounded quite whiny and annoying."

"Mitchell has proven himself to be a smug + smarmy a-hole, that's for sure..."

"Bombers players amped up to make him look like more of an *** than he is."

"The Hamilton Bozo"[/i]

In all seriousness, if we don't win on Friday, this is NOT going to be good.

For those that missed it, you can listen to the show on

Mitchell really didn't say to much about it. Pretty much just stated he didnt like it and everyone agreed with him.

Charles Robert Guaranty a Win For Winnipeg
Michael Landsberg ask Scott Mitchell
How to Feel about he Said
Where Going to win
Michael Landsberg " Are Going Guaranty Win?"
Scott Mitchell Where Going to Win.

But no Guaranty

8) Mitchell was also on the Norm Rumak show on the Fan 590 late last night !!! He stated that the team definitely has to get Cory Holmes more involved in this offence !!!! How many times have we heard that in the last several weeks ???

He also mentioned that the Cats probably have the best young Canadian talent in the CFL today !!!

Privately, I'm sure Scott Mitchell is kicking himself right now. By calling out Charles Roberts for simply firing up his team, he's effectively prevented any Ti-Cats from doing the same. The second anyone in the organization predicts a win, the media will be all over them.

why is this guy popping off? leave the trash talk to the players, this guy wasnt even an ex-cfl player, so what does he know about the game? i read his bio and said he was QB at u of t, which is the equivalent of someone playing basketball at mohawk college, this fool needs to pipe down and worry about selling seasons tickets and improving the stadium.

i read his bio and said he was QB at u of t, which is the equivalent of someone playing basketball at mohawk college,
Well he did win a Vanier with them.

wow a vanier, maybe marcel will give him a tryout.

More trolling and personal attacks.


it aint a personal attack, once a front office guy starts challenging opposing teams player, he goes too far, its okay to be passionate, but dont try to trash talk and act like your the second coming of joe montford, mitchell was barking like he was an emotional leader like montford.

Criticisng one’s actions because you disagree with them can be fine, especially when done with tact and respect.

Calling someone a “fool” is a personal attack and name calling.

get off your high horse, leave the holier than thour attitude on another board, your trying to hype this thing too much, whats net your gonna blame me for the mike vick scandal.

And unless you are an ex CFL player then by default you know nothing about football as well?

nope, but im entitled to my own opinion, and i love stating my points.

You are most certainly entitled to your own opinion. However I believe the rebuttal was you are not “stating my points” as you claim but are making derogatory statements about others.
However you are entitled to your opnion. You are also entitled to keep it to yourself.