Scott Mitchell on FAN590

Check it out this morning if you're interested. He's on with Mike Hogan. I think the announced time was 11:40 AM.

An Argo-Cat fan

That crazy dude's gotta be smiling from ear to ear this morning. Better pick the right guy, Scott, or your head's next.

Will be Listening In Thanks Barney

Points From 590 Chat With Scott
1 3 Win Cost Marcel his Job
2 Lack of Experience on Coaching Staff.
3 By Dec 1 they want Football Opp Staff in Place.
4 Charlie and Rambo maybe on Chopping block by the new GM
5 Winning is Must Next year
6 Scott is upset cause we have Great Support a Good Owner and we can't win..
7 He going to keep open Mind when Hiring someone as our GM

OK, so he didn't sound as crazy as he usually does.

What he seems to have said:
-he's picked his guy but will listen to other options in the interest of being professional
-his guy is not Rambo, although he fully expects Rambo will be in his current role next year
-Taafe will be back next year, but with some new assistants

Obviously he and the new guy have talked and agreed to a surgical excision rather than a complete dismantling.

does any1 have a link to the 900 chml webcast?

He sounded pretty rational to me too. Maybe a bit subdued but what he said made sense to me.

An Argo-Cat fan

Maybe he was working from notes. :wink:

Remember when he came unglued at some slight from the Bombers earlier in the season, and starting throwing pseudo-threats around. I admit, it worked - the Cats had their most convincing win of the season - so sometimes crazy ain't all bad.

I do like Fact Scott has Passion for his job.
Passion can also be your Undoing.
You have to use it Wisely.
But we all have Come unglued at 3-15 This year.

here's an audio link to this morning's fan590 Scott Mitchell interview:

[url=] ... 071105.mp3[/url]