Scott Mitchell on CHML...

So there it is. Have to be playoff bound next year. OC and DC will be new next year. Not sure Charlie will be around but Mitchell hopes he will be. The search is on for a new GM...someone with experience in turning around troubled teams. Decision on that probably after the Grey Cup.
Sounds like another exciting off-season. Lets hope the results are different for a change.

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Looks like there is a difference between what he told the FAN and what he said on CHML. On CHML he said the search was on for a GM. According to reports from the FAN he said the decision was made. Hmmm.

He didn't SAY the decision was made on the FAN (in fact he gave the politically correct response about beating the bushes for the best candidate). But the other things he said sure made it sound like a done deal.

He said he would be disappointed if the whole management team is not in place by December 1, which is only a few weeks away. They pressed him on Rambo and he said Rambo is happy doing what he is doing and will add more value there (he then said it would up to the GM, in a throw-away "from the script" kind of way). Said the same thing about the HC - he implied he was safe moving forward but that his assistants didn't have enough experience, then said it would the GM's decision.

I'm reading into what he said, to be sure. But that's what I heard.

Pretty much what I heard too. What was interesting too is that he said, they didn't have enough good players. He DID NOT say that they just need another year or two for experience so look for quite a few new faces in 2008. He liked the 3 QBs though.

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I think after hearing Scott on with Mike Hogan it sounds like Dan Rambo will not be the new GM. But it sounds like he would want Rambo retained in his present capacity. I didn't get that feeling about Charlie and the coaches.
Mitchell also said he wants someone with experience who knows how to put a team together, (ouch) and have that person in place by December 1st.
So who with GM experience could be available after the Grey Cup.
I think everybody's first choice would be Wally Bouno, but is he available and would he move?

Tom Higgins is suppose to move upstairs to GM in Calgary, so would this make him or Jim Barker available. Both have GM experience.

The other possibility might be right in the Ti-Cats own back yard, Bob O'Billovich. He knows how to put a team to-gether and how to recruit good players, and he has had GM experience.

I would also think Craig Smith is out as P/ Dir as Scott let it be known he wasn't happy with the players brought in if you read between the lines.

So my guess is it will be Obie as GM and he will retain Rambo as P/D. Its possible he would keep Charlie on but make sure he has CFL experienced asst's. Or maybe he would bring in Dave Ritchie. Dave is probably a better HC then half the current ones now in the league, but he isn't getting any younger.

But if I were Scott I would bring in Obie as GM, Ritchie as HC and maybe Dunnigan and Danny Mac to help the offence and sell tickets.
The QB's and non-imports are pretty well in place for this team, so the easier part is finding some quality imports. That's where Obie and Rambo make their living and Ritchie knows how to put the pieces to-gether.

But of course all this advice and a dollar 24 will get you a cup

One name that hasn't been mentioned but fits Mitchell's criteria...
Don Matthews!!

Other than have a FATHER who knew a thing or two about the sport ... what, in the name of Ben Zambiasi has Scott Fr-Eakin Mitchell EVER DONE to WARRANT his place in the Organization.

Was he NOT INVOLVED in the last process which brought Marcel here ?

Mitchell TALKS alot ... time to BACK IT UP Daddy's boy!!


Maybe the Ti-Cats should fire Scott Mitchell as well. He was part of this mess.



Well I don't think that is going to happen. It might be important to note that the General Manager and Head Coach were both in place before Scott Mitchell was hired. So, I think this is a case where Scott wants to have his "own guys" in place on the football operations side. I can't say that I can blame him. I wouldn't want my job performance affected by people below me that I didn't hire.

Either way, this is a good and exciting time to be a Tiger-Cat fan!

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Actually no. Both he and Bob have acknowledged that they had discussions about the Pres. job and Mitchell told him, whatever you do don't hire the GM before you hire the President. Bob then hired Marcel several months before Mitchell came on Board...

I have to say that it was refreshing to hear the brutally honest answers from Scott Mitchell at the press conference. It is rare you hear that kind of stuff. I think he echoed the ticked off mood of the fans.

It is tough to change the staff all over again only one year after it was changed but I do not believe this current coaching staff is good enough nor experienced enough in the Canadian game to turn this around. It just has to be done or things won’t get better. Watching the Hamilton offence is like watching small college football in Texas! It is not the Canadian game style of offence. We have some great Cdn. game players to use like Printers and Lumsden. How we let Holmes go is beyond me, he is a huge asset to the Green Riders now, as is Flick.

I still love going to games, but it is getting tougher to convince myself to spend the money when the offence is just so boring and ineffective.

Hopefully Armstead will be beter utilized next year and we can all forget about Corey Holmes when Lumsden dominates.