Scott Mitchell on CHML "Fifth Quarter" next week

..he will be on the "Fifth Quarter" after the game in Winnipeg, just announced by Ted Michaels.

Maybe now all those fans DEMANDING answers will get them... of course no matter what he says no one will be happy

I can`t speak with someone I have no respect for........ :cowboy:

I guess he isn't stepping down. INCREDIBLE ! Same lousy record with all his own hires, the worst promotions since Howard Shwartz and this guy is going to show and "talk" some more?

I guess he isn't stepping down. INCREDIBLE ! Same lousy record with all his own hires, the worst promotions since Howard Shwartz and this guy is going to show and "talk" some more?

Who, Ted Michaels or Scott Mitchell?

Yikes! Can't say I'm an insider but I can say the Mitchell is the right guy at this time to see this turn around through. Buck stops with the owner, and the bucks aren't near where they were a could of years ago. Message is loud and clear.

Jake, make sure you call in next week and talk to Scott.........I can't see many people taking the high ground with him, most ( by the sounds of things) want to run him out of town.

8) The only fans that will probably get through to actually try to talk to Mitchell will be a bunch of drunks who have no idea even what they are talking about !!!!! :roll:

I think those are the only kind of people that call the show.

Right! We’ll be listening for you! :smiley:

8) I will do my best to get through to Scott, just to make your day !!!! :wink:

You've already made my day, Tip :smiley: :thup:

Mitchell didnt take any calls; Ted read some selected e-mails and asked a couple of his own questions.

Cause they had 10 minutes due to the length of the game and Leafs game on the network.

Scott Mitchell sure dodged a bullet this week. Build up all week to the "5TH QTR" for what maybe 5 minutes of emails about some petty stuff. This 5th qtr is pretty bush.

You have to wonder if this organization really cares about the fans.

It don't Here are my Reason

(1) Ticket hike this this year
(2) Blackout of the Hall of Fame game
(3) Raising of Single Game Seats for next year.
(4) Tonight 5 Qrt was just the Cap to it .
Just to name a Few.

This all about trying making money ..
who cares if you win
if you can keep us coming back just like the Leafts.
The Ticats have Worst Win % in all of Sports in the past 4 years 211%
Even the Oakland Raiders are better as they show us on TSN today.

As opposed to the other option of FOLDING 5 years ago.... i'll take the above.

Just a heads up though, 2 of your reasons have nothing to do with season ticket holders... and the other (5th qtr) has nothing to do with the organization.

With all due respect, if I buy you that Stampeders jersey that you were looking for someone to buy you a few games ago, will you promise to go to the Stamps site when you feel the urge to post this kind of thing?

Or maybe I should just get with the spirit of the thing. Your hypothesis - the Ticats don't care about winning and Mr. Young only bought the team to fleece the good people of Hamilton out of millions of dollars. Some additional evidence:
-the umbrella ban
-the team leaving the field early at the Black and Gold game because of "lightning".
-Gategate - that city-rocking scandal where a gate at IW was closed one day during practice.
-the loose thread on my latest Cats hat purchase - sure, it' just one loose thread, but I'm convinced Scott Mitchell personally unravelled it so that my hat will fall apart in ten years and I'll have to spend twenty bucks to buy another. And he was probably using Obie's scissors.

The jury's still out, but I gotta say - the evidence is really starting to mount in favour of your hypothesis.