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Missed it whats Scotty saying , where is the Caretaker he has been as quiet as a mouse?!

Just as I like it.

You'll find that there is a direct correlation between the amount you see me and the record of the team. When the team isn't winning my job is to convince all of you that we are serious about getting better. When the team is winning no one needs/wants to hear from me, and I get to enjoy the games with you as just another fan.

I'm hoping you don't hear from me at all this coming weekend. :wink:

Mr. Caretaker AKA Bob the Great:

We are always honoured to have your submissions to this site

By thurs. Fan590sportsnet will be all over how many tickets aren't sold. Mon afternoon they'll be all over the ratings.

The Grey Cup in Vancouver will be sold out I'm sure, even in certain markets of Canada like Toronto and Vancouver the fans have in the past and I'm sure they will now and from across Canada will bring up the support and buy the tickets.

Vancouver is a great city to visit on the west coast and the atmosphere this weekend will be great to watch the 102nd Grey Cup and watch our Tiger-Cats play the Calgary Stampeders, a perfect environment for football players and fans, not as good as THF but a close second!!


Bob I am assuming that you and Scott have the Eastern Division Trophy in your offices ?!?! as nobody from the team wants to touch it :?

Just like my wife - I never hear from her when things are going good. But when I do a couple things wrong ...

yes dear :lol: :thup: