Scott Mitchell 2023

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I have to ask who actually thinks Scott Mitchell knows anything about football or creating a strong team that can compete every game? Who made the decision to sign Bo Levi Mitchell? Notice the Argos have gone with a much younger QB. Everything about the Argos oozes experience, confidence and tough football. It’s time to change direction and get a guy in there who knows football instead of a habitual loser. What do you call a person who does the same thing year after year and fails and repeats the same behaviour?


Scott Mitchell is our defacto owner. He’s on the BOG and has one football job. Make 1 quality football hire (President or VP of Football Operations).

He’s not going anywhere but the one thing you can hope he does is back up a Brinks truck to someone with actual front office experience and put them in charge of everything football.

Actually he has 2 jobs. Stay the eff out of the QB decision.


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Judging for the number of people who responded, most people are just more than happy having the Argos and everyone else kick their butts. Enjoy.

Mitchell isn’t supposed to know anything about football. What he is supposed to do is make sure the money is being collected for the owner. It needs to be understood that winning is wwwaaaayyyyyy down the list for Mr. Young. It should be clear by now that je does not really care if the team wins or loses so long as the corporate sponsorship is healthy and people are in the seats. The fact that people think the last two decades is solely on Scott Mitchell is laughable. He’s Bob Young’s bag man and if he was so incompetent at that he’d be fired. Mitchell has no Svengali like power over Young. He’s not some aberration that is holding the team back. He’s fulfilling he purpose of his position.

The real question after 20 years needs to be…

Does Bob Young think the purpose of a football team is to simply exist or is it to win games and championships???


For the fans and players it’s all about the winning.

Just following the Maple Leafs business model.

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Bob has already stated that winning doesn’t matter …it was in a memo …the problems with a good memory I can’t cheer for a team that wants your profits over giving you a winning experience.

You cannot step back from that and you can not unspeak that …and so far they have lived that.
Ya Scott needs to go so does Bob after this many years you have to look at management

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