Scott Milanovitch

…NOT CONFIRMED,but a source (hfxtc…has Als. inside info.) says Milanovitch will be announced the new head coach in T.O…IF that is the case…Marshall is still on the radar ( along with a few others) for the Bomber gig…I guess we’ll be waiting awhile longer as we won’t make our choice until after the new VP is hired…Everyone now has a head start in solidifing their direction for 2010…Last out of the gate …again…We’ll have to make-up some ground in a hurry once final decisions on personell are finalized…Why is it this process is beginning to feel like its taking ions… I hope we are not going to look like a franchise in a state of ‘instability’, to potential fas…Anyway…more importantly we get it right… :roll:

It does feel like eons. :smiley:

.....yes ......eons......not electrons.... :lol: :lol:

Like I said before Christmas, if the Bombers didn't have a HC in place before Dec. 25, they are doing something very wrong. They obviously have way too many executives on this community board thing making decisions. It is taking too long, it isn't professional, and (the worst consequence) it puts Winnipeg way behind other teams in the FA derby, and the run to sign assistant coaches. Plus, it is not fair to current respected Bomber assistants like Dyce, who may be canned by the new regime too late to catch on with the staff of another CFL club.

Not only do the Bombers not have a HC, they still don't even have a VP or GM! And the ARGOS (a complete laughing stock), have apparently beat the Argos in hiring Milanovich (an offensive-minded coach who really could have helped the aenemic Bomber O). Greg Marshall is a good coach, but can he improve the Bomber O? Isn't that where your club needs the most assistance? With that in mind, you better pray that George Cortez is Winnipeg-bound. Or the stink coming from Morons Road will get much worse.

According to today's Toronto Sun, the Argos haven't finished interviewing other candidates yet. Milanovitch was interviewed on Thursday, Berry on Friday and from the way the article is written it sounds like Marshall and Jones haven't been interviewed yet. Sounds like someone may be jumping the gun in Montreal.

So you're saying the Bombers were supposed to hire a new VP of FO and HC in less than a week. :roll:

As for the assistants, Manny Matsakis was the only one who wasn't signed to a 2 year deal so even if the others are all fired they will still be paid for 2010.

As for Milanovich, he hasn't been named as a candidate in Winnipeg in any article I can recall.

It hasn't been that long, it just feels that way. However, I would hope we start seeing some action as the FA deadline is 4 weeks away. With the headhunter secretive about what head he's snatched, it makes waiting a little harder to take. On the lighter side word out of Philly is that Kelly is toying with the idea of applying for the OC position because he still has the cue cards.

In the meantime they should lock Bishop in long term!!!

Most Dedicated Poster Award goes to...... :thup:

....I would guess that the reason Milanovitch hasn't been confirmed as the argo head-coach is that he may be interested in the Bombers head coaching job,,,The Bombers are certainly interested in him and have requested permission for an interview, as of today... :roll: :roll: Rumours are swilrling also that a qb. of significance (could be McPherson) will be approached...I would say if Milanovitch is the head coach in the Peg....that qb. could be someone he's very familiar with :wink:

Well, if he had a choice, does anyone doubt that Milanovich would choose Winnipeg over Toronto? I know I would, there's much more in place to work with in Winnipeg than there is in Toronto.

....apparently Milanovitch and Barker have been part of a team in the past.....????didn't know that..interesting..I wonder what happened to Cortez????? He isn't getting much of a mention recently... :roll:

I know I'd still have Cortez ahead of Milanovitch. . .

I just said the same thing in the other new-coach thread. You're an Als fan, I'm for the Bombers, so we must both be right.

Which likely gives Milanovitch the edge.

.....interesting side note on both final candidates......each seems very interested in hiring Milanovitch...

...the Mack hire would mean Murphy would likely stay (if he still wanted the job he's presently in) Barker says he would bring in his own man....(murphy out)... :roll: :roll: ..If i were on the board ,i think my leanings would be toward Barker...anyones guess right now...The bod is apparently split....Will Asper be the deciding factor???????? :roll:

Looks like you found your answer. :lol:

.....did you hear blueblood, that Asper did in fact cast the deciding vote to hire Mack..????? I could see that happening as Asper is going to have to live with this decision in the not-too-distant future....makes sense,,IF it WAS David who influenced the final hire...I can go with that... :thup:

I've heard that suggested but don't believe it. First off, I believe that rumour surfaced before the BoD actually met. In fact, I'm not sure if they have even met yet. The FP is saying the meeting was scheduled for late this afternoon. Secondly, there are 11 members of the BoD so there couldn't have been a tie unless someone didn't vote.

If the claim is that he broke a tie on the selection committee (which had 4 members and was, according to Friesen, split 2-2) that would be more plausible but I haven't heard anything about his involvement with that committee. Even if he did break the committee tie there is no guarantee that the BoD would accept the recommendations of the majority of the committee.

Wasn't it said that Asper would have input on a new President/CEO? I don't recall the BoD saying he would be consulted on a VP.

....i do know that Asper was in on the hire in a consulting basis....that was reported in the free press...There definitely would have been ....let's say....gentle persuasion from a prospective owner....Whether that had any effect on the result....who can say...The bod was reported as being split....they have reached a 'concensus'...according to all reports....guess we'll hear the official version tomorrow.. :wink:

.....SORRY GUYS.......hfxtc gave me a bum-steer....The info. he got about Milanovitch being the argos new head-coach apparently came from outer-space while wearing a tin-plate....Definitely had his wires crossed... :roll: :roll: :lol: :lol: