Scott Milanovitch...inside track in Regina????

...Looks like the Riders are warming-up to announce that Milanovitch of the Als. is ready to be named head-honcho in Regina????I wonder why the bloom fell of Richie Halls bid...I can understand why Greg Marshal got the short shrift,,,but Hall???>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>So in the event that is what happens, it looks like Hall will be getting a call from us...I know there's been talk of him heading to the hammmer , working for his pal Marcel....however Hall is closer to home (regina) coaching in the Peg..Could be interesting...AND what happens to Marshal...I don't think we'll be interested in his services...Maybe he'll return to the cats ???i hope so :wink: Guess we'll hear shortly as it's heating-up in riderville :roll:

Don’t forget Hall and Lapo are friends as well. Lapo said he talks to Hall quite often (like weekly) because they are friends.

I would still be surprised if Milanovitch gets it. I don’t think Hall was really in the running. I’d be wondering more what happened with the bloom on Berry if he doesn’t get it.

....true, blueblood about Berry...I thought he would have been the natural progression there :roll: ...I was reading the riders forum and had to laugh at all of the choices being bandied about...IF the brass over there doesn't pick the right one.....boom....there could be a lot of friction in riderville...Apparently they have concluded, as of late, that three choices remain...Marshall, Berry, and Chamblin...and that Milanovitch is out because he would make too many changes to the coaching staff :lol: Here's another laugher...some misinformed/misguided souls over there think that Rchard Harris would leave the Peg for their club :lol: :lol: I guess they don't folow us much .Harris said he would NOT be interested in any other position except a head coaching job and i don't believe that's what they're offering .. beside he loves Wpg. and living in the Peg.....soooooo dream on roughies :lol: :lol:

And that still puzzles me. Papa, Blue Blood, do either of you have any idea as to why he takes that stance? You've got a vacancy there in Winnipeg at Defensive Coordinator, I think Harris would be good in that role. Strikes me as really odd that he'd say he'd rather be a position coach than a coordinator but would accept a head coaching role. It's like someone saying I don't mind being a foot soldier, and I'd gladly accept a promotion to General, but I won't serve as a Colonel.

I have no idea why he doesn't want a DC position. Mike at EP is the one I heard that from and he does seem to have an inside track on information. His record is pretty solid so I tend to believe him.

Oh Blue Blood I wasn't questioning your source at all. . . I"m assuming that it is correct, that Harris is content to be either a position coach or a head coach, but not a coordinator.

I just don't for the life of me understand why that would be. . .

My interpretation is that hes saying he does not want to leave Winnipeg at this time unless its to assume a head coaching job elsewhere. That’s a bit different in saying he doesn’t want to be a DC. Just that its not worth it, for whatever reason, to leave Winnipeg to become a DC. I could be wrong but thats how I take it.

When Mike said that Harris didn't want the DC job he was talking about the opening in Winnipeg.

MadJack, I didn't think you were questioning the source. I just meant to say that Mike said Harris didn't want the job but he didn't give any reasons why Harris feels that way.

Ah…thanks BB…
Does seem odd…I wouldn’t be looking for that comment to help him if he ever does start applying for HC jobs. How old is this fellow?

I can't blame Harris for not wanting to leave the Peg for Sask. Think about it, would you want to lose out on 3 extra weeks of holidays every season???? :lol: :lol:

...glad you're in agreement :wink:

IIRC it was later said at the Extra Point (I believe by Mike) that Richard Harris' style of coaching is more as a motivator and he doesn't really like the Xs and Os part of coaching. Being a DC would mean a lot of Xs and Os while being a HC is more motivator and letting your OC and DC do the Xs and Os.