Scott Milanovich

According to TSN,Scott Milanovich is set to be named Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator of the Toronto Argonauts.. If so,I am surprised. It could mean that Marc Trestman will sign an extension with the Alouettes; otherwise,why would Scott leave now. He has/ had the same position with the Alouettes. Probably more $$$$$$ with the Argos and a better chance to be Head Coach. Will a few Assistant coaches follow him; offensive line coach a possibility?

Good luck to him if he does take this new position with the Argos.


If Marc Trestman promotes 1 of his assistant to Offensive Coordinator, I say that it will be Andy Bischoff.


Hope not; I"d suggest Marcus Brady.

Anyway, how can this be? I thought lateral transfers were not allowed.

Also, what about Toronto's current O/C, Elizondo ?

Does this open up the possibility of a coaching career for Calvillo? And if so when?

I would not be averse to that possibility; he'd probably make a fine QB coach for starters. . . maybe moving up to O/C later.

I wish Scott the best of luck, but he's about to find out what it's like to be in the wilderness. Toronto has no offensive line, barely a quarterback, and very few quality receivers.

If that means Andy has to cede control of the ST portfolio, I am all for it. After all, Bischoff is the RB coach, and Whitaker had a tremendous season.

TSN/Dave Naylor has now changed it's "tune". He is now writing that the Als gave permission to the Argos to talk to Scott for the Head Coach position; if for assistant,the Als would/will not give him permission to leave. 1 year remaining on his contract. If Scott does leave the Als it will likely be for a Head Coach position.


That makes more sense. Normally teams pull the old “coordinator + assistant head coach” trick to get around this, but Scott, if I’m not mistaken, is already an assistant head coach in Montreal, so anything short of a head-coaching opportunity would be a lateral move, and as such, we are well within our rights to refuse.

Naylor now reporting Milanovich has verbally accepted the Toronto head coach job.

It will be interesting to see who wins the battle for Marcus Brady and possibly o-line coach Himebauch.

How about Doug Berry returning here as an assistant coach?

and late yesterday ctv was reporting it was verbally agreed.

The dust will settle soon enough and as D&P said, Milanovich (maybe Biscoff) if true, will soon find out they have allot of work ahead of them.

Arash Madani tweeting that Himebauch going to the Argos as RB coach.

Losing 3 offensive coaches is certainly nothing to sneeze at, and as Herb termed it, certainly hints at a "palace revolt". With Burke leaving last year, it begs the question of how Trestman and/or the team is treating its assistant coaches.

Again Ill throw Brian Chius name into the hat as a replacement for Himebauch. Elizondo could replace Brady as receivers coach. But how do you easily come up with an offensive co-ordinator that can be a quick study for Trestman`s offense?

CJAD saying Trestman and Popp meeting today in North Carolina. Would love to be a fly on the wall!

Herb's piece on a palace revolt is typical Herb BS, rife with innuendo and speculation and short on sources and fact. Here's a sample:

And it’s likely the relationship between Milanovich and Trestman began to deteriorate over time, in part due to Milanovich’s decreased responsibilities. When the Als started struggling offensively, as they did more than once, Milanovich probably became Trestman’s scapegoat.

Read more: ... z1fJZ64CHB

The standard for journalism is now so low that unattributed speculation is perfectly legitimate in forming part of a so-called story. Really, Milanovich was Trestman's scapegoat? According to whom?

Good head coaches frequently lose coaches, because the team is succeeding and the coaches are thus promising candidates for positions elsewhere in the league. And let's see how Milanovich fares now that he's working without a safety net before we judge. As much as we can critique Trestman (perhaps fairly) for being controlling and calling all the plays, we also have to remember that by the same token, Milanovich's ability to call a good game is unknown. He's never been in charge of playcalling -- how do we know he's any good? Maybe there was a good reason Trestman kept that part of running the offense in his own hands. :wink:

I believe you have mentioned being a journalism major, so you probably look at Herbs work with a more critical eye, although Ive never been a fan of his negativity.

Losing Milanovich to a promotion is part of the game. His biggest albatross will be Jyles at QB.

But how do you explain losing Burke, Brady (offered the co-ordinator position), and Himebauch (although still unconfirmed) to lateral moves?

Man I'll say. Jyles, it seems to me, is singularly unsuited to running a Trestman~Milanovich kind of offence.

It will depend on what kind of offence Milanovich wants to instal. . . if it is to be something like Montreal's offence, trying to fit Jyles into it would be another example of trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole.

Mind you, that's not unusual in Toronto. . . this is the team that, under two different offensive coordinators, tried to make Kerry Joseph into a pocket passer, which he never was, is not now, and never will be.

Yes to the first, no to the second. I don't know why people are so down on Jyles. The last two years, he's been forced into offenses run by people who no longer have employment as coordinators (Baressi in Winnipeg, Elizondo in Toronto). I think he can be a good QB in this league in the right system, with quality receivers and a proper O-line. Does Toronto have the latter two things? Not really. We'll see how Milanovich adjusts.

But how do you explain losing Burke, Brady (offered the co-ordinator position), and Himebauch (although still unconfirmed) to lateral moves?
Losing Burke didn't seem to involve Trestman. Apparently, we offered him a contract, but he wanted to jump to a different team and do something different. I can't imagine Trestman would have micro-managed Burke anyway, given that Trestman's background is offense.

As for Brady and Himebauch, assuming the reports are even true (and Herb has also reported that we have offered Himebauch the vacant OC position here in Montreal), maybe Trestman's style is wearing on them, but that happens to any head coach after a few years. Also, maybe they just want to live in Toronto. Maybe Toronto is offering them salaries we can't match. Maybe they want to be part of something new from the ground up, instead of running a mature offense entering its fifth year under the same head coach. There are too many unknowns for me to want to jump to the conclusion that Trestman is somehow driving coaches away. As is typical of Herb, we never hear this stuff when the team is winning, but as soon as we encounter adversity, out come the innuendo, unnamed sources, and speculation.

I'm not particularly 'down' on Jyles. . . just haven't been impressed with his play so far (and that includes in Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, and Toronto).

And there's the rub. From what I've seen of Jyles' skill set, I don't see him being a good fit in a Montreal style offence. I suspect that it may not be the 'right' system for him.

It's also been reported that Brady has been offered the OC position in Montreal (in addition to being offered the same post in Toronto).

There is some speculation about Doug Berry returning to the als fold. Danny Maciocia is in no way interested in any cfl post. Seems happy with the Carabins which is just fine.

There is history between Barker and Milanovich from the XFL days and time in Calgary. Not sure if Herb made mention of this at all?

Rick Moffatt tweeting the Als will lose Himebauch as well as Brady to the Argos.

Anyone here qualified to become the Als offensive co-ordinator? :smiley: