Scott Milanovich

Toronto Star is saying the Argos have "set their sights" on Milanovich as head coach. Tim Burke also is mentioned.
This becomes an interesting conundrum for an assistant coach. Do you take the money and run to a no chance of winning situation, going from a salary of $100,000 to one of $300,000? Or do you bide your time waiting for the right opportunity that might never come?
For a coach to be successful he needs strong ownership, a personnel expert, and a strong QB. None of these exist in Toronto at present.

If I was him I'd sure think twice, for the very reasons you suggest. Remember last season Mike Benavides was offered the job before Andrus and turned it down to stay as defensive coordinator in BC. Good career move for him it seems with hindsight, otherwise he'd be out of work as Andrus is today. That team in Toronto is such a train wreck. . .

I don't think either Milanovich or Burke is ready to be a HC, but Milanovich most of all. He had exactly one season as a position coach prior to Trestman's arrival, and given the extent to which Marc is involved in the offense, it's not at all clear that Scott has proven himself as a coordinator, let alone as a viable HC candidate. With veteran coaches like Greg Marshall, Doug Berry, Dave Ritchie, Paul LaPolice, and Chris Jones out there, I doubt either Milanovich or Burke has the inside track for the Toronto HC position.

You go see your Jim and you negotiate a raise of 50k :slight_smile:

Benevides already turned them down, most of the other guys they passed over last year and any experienced guy is going to want a bulletproof contract. Milanovich is the next Montreal HC so if I am him. I use this to ask for a raise and I keep learning for a couple years. Burke is a different Cat, he's much older and experienced. How much of a risk is there when your paying Stubbler and Andrus still ? Not sure but Burke has to think about it real hard. Meddling owners, lazy GM and head scout and bare cupboards and work in the shadow of a five foot tall motivational speaker.