Scott Milanovich to be fired

Per source. Milanovich has been told he is unlikely to return. Was also told Jim Popp and Marc Trestman have been in contact about the opening

"per source". You don't have a source. Oh, how shocking it would be to see him fired, lol.

Sounds True. I believe you.


Why would Jim Popp be in the running? Milanovich isn't a GM and Popp isn't a coach.

I wish they would can his useless a** ... but they won't. Worst HC in the CFL.

gary lawlessVerified account
HC Scott Milanovich @TorontoArgos said goodbye to staff this week. Milanovich is concerned he'll be fired and wanted to thank staff in case

Hire Trestman. Hire a marketing expert

I don't think Trestman would come to the tire fire in TOR with Willy as his QB!
The same reason he wouldn't go to MTL with unproven QB's

He may consider BC, if Wally steps aside again as HC, Jennings is the real deal.

Trestman would go to any team that had Durant as QB...

Per source. Tomorrow is Sunday. You read it here first.

Do you really think Trestman would return to the CFL? That a good QB is the deciding factor?

I can’t see it. Maybe if he really wanted a new challenge. Like an Austin or Huf keys to the kingdom deal. But he’s never struck me as a guy that wants to work that hard -24/7 stuff.

He loved the CFL in part because it was a 6 mo. job. Now he’s a millionaire. But he no doubt would love Toronto.

I don't suppose you could provide a link for this source could ya Johnny ? :slight_smile: :lol:

Rumors and innuendo .

Provide evidence of proof that tomorrow is Sunday.

OK , the point here is that this will be no surprise if he is fired.

Acc Media posts everything with " my source " name the " source " or stop posting.

If the source does not want the info exposed with his / her name , they should stay quite in the first place.

Both of you made me laugh. That’s great. Thanks guys

really Regina rams

Willy is a coach-killer. O'Shea was on the verge of being canned when he retreated from his traditional stubbornness and inserted Nichols instead of Boxcar Willy. :cowboy:

Trestman is still a good coach. He's probably finished as an NFL head man but could easily get a top job as a Div. 2 head coach - perhaps even Div. 1 with a team in the 15 to 30 national ranking. Doesn't have the pizzazz to snag a job with a Top 10 program