Scott Milanovich Resigns as Edmonton Head Coach

No reason given yet but sure to come out soon

Edit: Looks like he's on his way to Indy

He was not only their Head Coach but their OC also!

Has he actually receive an offer from the Colts? Wouldn't it be something if he didn't land the gig in Indy. Just burnt a bridge here.

Get your Edmonton something something tickets .

Can't blame anyone considering uncertainty with covid But

From orchestrated trade of their popular star QB to mob madness this summer considering I hear nothing about the KC Chiefs and their war chant last night from Bell media it's looking bleak with their coach saying adios to a contract .

Add covid uncertainty , oil industry news and It will be a tough sell in Edmonton .

And now this
Chris Jones back to EDM??

I'm waiting for a begging tweet from Jason Maas lol

Jamie Elizondo?

At some point, maybe the CFL will stop allowing itself to be used as a Johnny on the Spot. Chris Jones has some nuts on him!

This upsets me but its understandable.......Sports is a business, its all about relationships and opportunity when it knocks "what would you do" not to mention the financial benefit.

My wild guess - Noel Thorpe gets his first opportunity to be a CFL head coach. Don't think there's anyone on Mike O'Shea's staff ready for an HC gig, not quite ready is Buck Pierce.
After Thorpe, veteran CFL sideline men like Elizondo & Jumbo Jim Barker. Barker has a vast array of experience - although he can turn off lots of locals with his California ways.
Rule out Jeff Reinbold. Rowdy Roddy Reinbold might want the job but his reputation precedes him. BIG TIME.
Jason Maas still lurks and Chris Jones is campaigning to get another big chunk of CFL coin.
Out on a limb picks?
Danny McManus or The Big Bopper, AC Calvillo

Milanovich resigned as the QB coach for Jacksonville but now is returning to the NFL as a QB coach.
I get it though, he hasn't coached in over a year and I assume the Esks like every other team cut salaries, and no guarantees that Edmonton will be playing this year another missed season and there is the chance of zero salary.
He returns to the NFL and he's guaranteed to be coaching come August.

As an Ojibwe First Nation, that Kansas City chant has no connection to be authentically indigenous. That came from stereotypical Hollywood
Western movies to introduce a scene of Native Americans going on the warpath against John Wayne, Tom Mix.

The fans are better off drunk chanting the "White Stripes; Seven Nation Army" instead

PLOP wants to know what the chances are that Winnipeg will allow any of their staff to interview?

Considering Marcus Brady was never the playcaller in his 7 years as a CFL OC, it is understandable that he hires a crutch in Scott Milanovich.

CFL coaches have guaranteed contracts, so Milanovich would have been paid had he stayed and the 2021 season never happened.

For Edmonton, Jaime Elizondo makes the most sense as he wanted to interview for a HC job before leaving for the XFL. Plus, he can be the OC and has previously worked with Trevor Harris. Elizondo also knows Noel Thorpe from Ottawa.

EE will not have hire Chris Jones because there is already a DC in place. They would have to hire somebody else as an OC and then pay a fired Thorpe. As for as Thorpe being promoted to HC, I am discounting that because he has never been a serious candidate for a HC.

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The next Edmonton coach should Canadian. Thorpe or Kilam would be great coaches,

No way on Elizondo. He did the same thing to Ottawa jumping to a bankrupt league, There must be a price paid for stupidity

Elizondo was pissed at Ottawa because they did not allow him to interview for CFL HC jobs that were available at the time.

My gut says they go with Elizondo. H/C, O/C.

Doesn't he look foolish jumping to a league that last 5 games. You commit to a team, you stay and work on it. He showed no patience. There would've been another CFL coaching job opening down the line like Halifax.

Remember he didn't get a HC job in the XFL, he became Mark Trestman's caddy. The XFL wouldn't even grant Edmonton permission to interview him for the head coach there.

Elizondo doesn't deserve a chance to coach in the CFL with the XFL fiasco

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Brock Sunderland only cares about his football team and who gives them the best chance at winning. I expect him to name Jaime Elizondo as the next Edmonton HC, and that is probably the correct choice.

Go with Thorpe instead. He is an internal hire that keeps continuity going. At least we know Thorpe won't quit on the team