Scott Milanovich new HC of Esks

Excellent hire

Brock Sunderland rocks as GM! 8)

Did not see this one coming.

Seems to be a good hire. Harris would be familiar with his offence as well.

When Milanovich as HC of TOR in 2012 and won the Grey Cup

His staff consisted of

GM - Jim Barker

HC - Milanovich
Asst HC and DC - Chris Jones
OC -/ QB Coach - Jason Maas
ST Coach - Mike O’Shea
Secondary Coach - Orlondo Steinauer
Oline Coach - Steve McAdoo

Now that is quite the list.

Nice to have him back in the CFL.

Not sure if Harris will be thrilled. Their relationship really fell apart in TO.
But it’s a good hire I think.

EE is and always has been one of those “plum” jobs in the CFL.

Some would disagree.


Not a fan of his.
When he was here in Toronto, found him to be stubborn in his ways as unwilling to develop thew new younger QB’s we had under Ray.
It was pure luck, not his coaching, in my opinion with the cards falling in place during the GC win.
In fact, I blame him and GM Barker for letting first Zach, then Trevor go at the expense of old man river.
His OC philosophy, game calling and necessary adjustments during the game leaves a lot to be desired.
We do not have the inside knowledge, presumably the Esks could have done a lot better then this hire?

Terrible coach. Boring brand of football. I feel bad for Eskimo fans.

Wow, to hear people here tell it, Milanovich was some kind of dismal failure in the CFL, not a guy with multiple Grey Cup rings as a season (first in Montreal as OC, then Toronto as HC). Settle down, folks. Harris is exactly the kind of pocket passer in the Ray/Calvillo mold that Milanovich, a disciple of Trestman’s, can work with and get the best out of.

You may need to settle down here a bit before your lecture runs along…
2 (two) people here don’t think it was a good hire.

It’s official

Statement from Jag’s HC

Had to endure a tremendous amount of adversity while coaching the Argos. No set practise facility, taking buses to different high schools, but for the most part was able to keep the team afloat. Glad to see Milanovich back in the CFL.

Well said. Not exciting news in Edmonton for sure!!


Ricky Ray only got us two Grey Cups.

Old man river…

Ya, who needs him?

Its time for fresh blood like James Franklin to lead the Argos to the promised land…wait a minute

Yup, if Ray was so bad why did Trestman stick with him and won another cup. Much better than Harris, and Zach only recently won as a part time Qb.

As a ticat fan, I can’t stand Ray or Milanovich; but this guy wins everywhere… Montreal, Toronto…the Esks are a much better franchise for it. Maas was a mistake.
Now, only weak team in the west will be BC…Campbell is over-rated.

Thought there was an NFL attachment with a retirement fund , warm weather and the higher stage .

Thought he was gone to NFL happy ever land .

A little unfair to blame anyone from the Argos at the time. Scott developed both Zack & Trevor. Hard to keep such backups as that.
And Trestman won a GC with Ray in 2017 as well.

Yes! Two Grey Cups that the Argonauts would not have gotten without Ricky Ray.