Scott Milanovich new Argos Head Coach

To be announced monday... Good luck to Scott, hopefully Rita and Moynes support you better than the last two Argo HC.

Who will be the Als next offensive coordinator ? Marcus Brady ? Jamie Elizondo ?
Mike Kelly ? Just kidding on that last one.

Source? (not doubting you - great poster - just want the lowdown of where you heard this)

Source? I haven't seen anything on the major sites.

If it is true, I wish Scott all the best in the black hole that is the Toronto Argonauts.

As for replacements, Elizondo or maybe Jonathan Himebaugh (O-line coach)? Regardless, whoever gets hired isn't going to be flying solo, considering how involved Trestman is in the offense.

...i guess Marshall didn't interview well.....again??????and apparently 'screaming' Doug as well :roll: :roll:

I did not see anything official as of today, but if it is Scott that appears the best choice.

According to today's Toronto Sun, Milanovich was interviewed on Thursday, Doug Berry on Friday and from the way the article was written it sounds like Marshall and Jones haven't been interviewed yet.

The Argos are so far behind the other teams in the east other than the Peg, well, they don't have a chance of going to the GC in years IMHO.

I had read one article that stated Marshall was interviewed on Tuesday last week.

From the Toronto Sun dated Jan 15:

But a source indicated that as of Thursday, the Argos had not been in touch with either Jones or Marshall and that Berry had not been interviewed.

Those are 3 days old.

The first article I linked to was dated Sunday, January 17 so it was not 3 days old. The second article from Thursday says that Marshall and Jones had not been contacted yet and the Sunday article still implies that they have not been interviewed.

Well we all know that the news papers are never wrong! :roll:

To paraphrase what the late, great Gorilla Monsoon used to say "The media never lets the truth get in the way of a good story. "

Yes old Gorilla was a classic.
Wasn't he on with JR, no it was the Governor Jesse.

Still nothing on any of the major sports sites about Scott becoming the head coach.

Latest I read was that they interviewed MIlanovich last Thursday, and interviewed Doug Berry on Friday:

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No clear indication as to whether Greg Marshall and/or Chris Jones either have been or are going to be interviewed.

Should have said by next monday sorry...

That makes more sense, as at the time you posted, the Argos apparently hadn't even finished interviewing candidates yet. :slight_smile:

if this keeps up....we're going to have to revoke your ' accurate scoop' status, hfxtc ..... :lol: are you sure you heard right.. :roll:

Look foolish but yeah a couple sources and the announcement "by the end of the week, monday at the latest".