Scott Milanovich Leaving Als For Argos

Milanovich was already Asst. Head Coach here, so why would he be allowed to make what is only a lateral move, unless his contract was up?

Does this mean Trestman has extended and Milanovich felt he has a better chance to become a Head Coach in Toronto?

Losing a second co-ordinator in 2 years also has to bring up the question of Trestman`s relationship with his assistants.

I would also expect to see Henry Burris in Toronto next year, perhaps another reason Milanovich wants to be there, with A.C.`s career winding down here.

During the life of any franchise there will occasionally be a moment like the opportunity that now sits before the Montreal Alouettes.
As the on-field fortunes of the team wane…the question becomes:do we “stay the course? or do we recognize the inevitable…in time…and re-tool for the future.

Sure it can be a seemingly ruthless break with the past…and those with whom you’ve developed a loyalty and fondness.

But recognizing a downward trend and taking steps to stop it in time is all that keeps most franchises from going under…sometimes there’s no choice…and a youth movement is born.
On the morn of the Grey Cup….the 1st “sans Alouettes? …seemingly for a decade…one can’t help wondering if the Alouettes are exactly there…the crux of the biscuit…as it were.

It was always assumed that Milanovich would succeed Marc Trestman…just as AD would follow AC.
But as Calvillo continues to make noises like he wants to reign for another year and our “coach of the future? about to fly the coop…it seems quite possible that the Alouettes are going another way.

“He overstayed his welcome? and “should have known when to retire? are never things any professional athlete wants to hear.
As the Alouettes turn a deaf ear to the siren’s call of the future…one can’t help wondering if there’ll be anything left…as this team is left in the dust