Scott Milanovich - Coach of the Year

Bitter Bomber Fans haven't had a coach of the year since 2001.


Get over yourself, seriously.

Nobody is begrudging Scott his award. I certainly am not. It's always nice to see ex-Als (whether coaches or players) find success elsewhere. He's a great offensive mind, and he did a fantastic job with the Argos as a first-time head coach.

Milanovich sold me on his ability when he made the huge move of cutting Boyd. He stood up to the fans and said this is where we are going. He's a force. As for Ray...he transformed a lethargic, entitled QB and gave him a new lease.He was TERRIBLE in Edmonton over the last 3 years.

Without question Ray was stale in Edmonton. I wouldn't say he was terrible, but he definitely needed a fresh start to enjoy the game again.

Milanovich's team had a pretty unremarkable first half of the season, but they hung in there only to have a remarkable second half when they suddenly gelled 3/4 of the way through. Then they went out and won 3 playoff games in a row.

He deserves the win. The whole organization deserves it. Lets hope it means they land a quality new owner.

?????? Remarkable second half but they didn't gel until the 3/4 mark? That doesn't make sense to me. Their second half was unremarkable and the last 1/4 of the season was near disaster. In their last 5 they were in the hunt for first in the East and rolled up a record of 2-3. Four of those games were at home yet they lost 3 of them. Their 2 wins were against Saskatchewan (who had very little to play for) and Hamilton (who were so pathetic they couldn't beat the practice squad the Argos dressed for that game).

They had 3 great playoff games, but that doesn't make a season. He coached the team with the worst home record in the league, 6th in both avg points per game and points per game against, one of most undisciplined teams and they couldn't even compete for first place despite having 4 of their last 5 at home and only 1 of those against a +.500 team. If that qualifies you for coach of the year it doesn't say much about the rest of the coaches in the league.

The league points to the "worst to champs" angle, but really was that Millanovich? Their regular season improved by a whole 3 wins. The addition of Ricky Ray alone should have gauranteed that. 6 of those wins came against sub .500 teams but so did 5 of their 9 losses. He was 3-5 against the other 3 + .500 teams and if you take Hamilton and Winnipeg (the 2 worst teams last year) out of their record they fall to 4-7. If these kind of stats were attached to a player fans would be screaming fix if he was even mentioned for MOP.

He won the Grey Cup for finishing strong, Coach of the Year should be jugded on your entire season and there is no way Millanovich is even top 3 if you look at his entire 21 game season and playoff. I still say Benevides, Tressman and Hufnagel are miles ahead of Millanovich and stand by my pre playoff prediction that the Argos don't make the playoffs in 2013 with Millanovich as head coach.

bah humbug