Scott Milanovich - Coach of the Year

And he "picked the worst time to be named Canadian Football League Coach of the Year". You heard it here first before it hits the Toronto Star. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a shocker that he won.

....Scott Milanovitch...winner.....I hope his speech went something like this on accepting the award.." I want to thank everyone who cast votes for me but most of all a big thank-you to Eric Tilman who literally gave us a star qb. so we could get it done'..... For some reason ,I just couldn't see Jyles sipping from the Cup... :wink: :lol:

Guess when you haven't won a cup since 1990, it's easy to be bitter :wink:

I gotta say I'm a little bit surprised by this decision. Although Toronto did win the Cup, they werent the best team throughout the course of the year. Trestmen or Benevides or even Huffnagel would have been better choices in my opinion.

....bitter .....nah.....just amused that the Cup win last year, seems to be a little, what you might say, 'tainted' :lol:

Look at the Coach of the Year award in 2004 when Greg Marshall won it with Hamilton. They didn't even win a single playoff game that year.

It's not the "Best Team Award". It's the "Coach of the Year Award".

"Best team" is usually because of the best coach. Did Toronto improve? Yes. Was it all because of Milanovich? No. Toronto struggled quite a bit throughout the regular season, and just managed to get hot at the right time.

Without Ray, Milanovich isn't COTY and it's doubtful that Toronto even makes it to the Grey Cup. Tillman should have accepted the award on Scott's behalf. :lol:

Disagree strongly with this. He squeaked into the playoffs in a weak East division. Was in contention for first place with 4 of his last 5 games at home and choked down the stretch. The teams regular season performance was inconsistent at best, disorganized and lost at best.

He won the award because he won the Grey Cup. The Argos deserved the Grey Cup. They made the playoffs and played their best football of the year when it counted, but a coach should need far more than 3 solid games to get coach of the year. A regular season record of 9-9, 3-5 in their last 8, 1-3 in their last 4 home games and an offense that was 6th in the league and scored 46 fewer points makes you wonder what did the voters think he did to deserve this award. Tressman, Hufnagel and Benevides all had far better seasons.

Rename it the Coach Of The Playoffs award and I'll vote for Scott hands down.

Everything else was handed to them last year, might as well ice the cake.

Congrats to Milanovich on the coach of the year award; Argos did win their last five to claim Lord Grey's Cup. In hind sight it has been mentioned; without Ricky Ray it wouldn't have happened...then again O'Shea IMO played a role as well.

The COTY award almost always goes the coach of the GC winner so it's no surprise.

I have to disagree with that statement, it's an unjust putdown to SM. :thdn:

Kinda expected it with all the Toronto love since they won the Grey Cup, but this award is for the best coach. Scott Milanovich was not the best coach for the 2012 season. He had a great QB that made the difference in the playoffs. Mike Benevides deserves the praise in my mind, he did a great job.

lets see, mike took a first place grey cup winning team and took it to a first place west final losing team

scott took a last place team and took it to a grey cup win.

Although Huff is my fav, this was a no brainer. Scott all the way and well deserved. :rockin:

right, its all about ray. :roll:

how many years has ray played in the cfl now?

how many cups won?

Maybe they should starting giving all the coty to the winning qbs since no coach could have got it done without them.

Nowhere did I state that it was all about Ray. You need many different pieces, including a good head coach. But in this league, you don't win the Cup without a championship-caliber QB. I was alluding to Tillman in a fairly light-hearted fashion, because without that bone-headed and unnecessary trade, Toronto would never have gotten the franchise QB, the missing piece it needed to win the Cup last year. But again, the tone was light-hearted.

I don't see a problem with this selection. He had all 3 phases of that team playing solid, that's good coaching.

....Have to agree discipline...I wonder why some can't see the levity in it?...It was a joke of a trade by Tilman...ask some esks. fans and you'll get your answer AND of course everyhing was done above board... :wink: :wink: