Scott Krause

Poor Scott…
He had a really great pre-season game in hamilton last year then spent the season holding a clipboard. Got to play one series of downs in a regular season game when backing up Michael Bishop… then Argos let him go yesterday !! With Bishop not coming back… they are left with 2 other quaterbacks who have never played Canadian football. I got to talk to Scott a few times last year and liked the guy and was pulling for him to make it. This team could be in trouble now unless they get a goos back up, because Damon has a habit of missing parts of the season.

Yeah, that’s a tough break. Although, maybe they can call him back if Bishop decides to no-show after all. On the other hand, I think I heard somewhere over the weekend that Krause has retired from football and is going to work for his family’s business or something.

I read in the Star he asked to be released. He has decided to go back to school down in the states.